Fairy tale

This past weekend was quite fun...despite the fact that Mike is totally in the crazy crazy midst of his Honours paper. One of my best gal's (Alicia) sent me an email saying that a friend of hers was coming to NZ. So we connected with Marie and she stayed her waiting for a bus down to Queenstown. They got lots of snow over the weekend so the roads were closed for the better part of 3 days. It was fun getting to know Marie and chatting. She was in Sydney doing a Law internship and while she was there she met a handsome Lawyer and she told us the fairytale story. It reminded me of Me and Mike and our crazy meeting. I love our story and hadn't told it in quite a while so was fun to share with Marie. I showed her pictures along the way and all in all it was a fun weekend with Marie. We also got to meet up with Ben who I have also known since my very first trip to NZ. Thought I'd share some pix just cuz I can. The evolution of me me and mike in photos. We met just over 4 years ago...nothing like a road trip in the South Island to make you fall in love. The first time I came to NZ: I was masking my love with crazy faces. Mike looks scared.
How couldn't I fall for the boy?
After that week I came back for 6 weeks. We decided to get married pretty much right after I got back. We went on this amazing Tramp to Loch Negar with Ben. Ben took these "engagement pictures" beside the lake. We did actually use this for our annoucement. Nothing like 3 days without shower to take your engagement pix...

We just couldn't get enought of taking pictures I guess. Kind of cute.

While I was there, Jonelle, Gail, Alice, Liz, and I went on a bit of a trip and tramp to the West coast....don't we all look so fetching?
Then I went home and Mike finished Uni and then came over just after Christmas. Here he is with My niece Shannon who really loved him. So cute.

On my way up to the Temple to get Married!The night before I got married my sisters had put together this cool little presentation and Joy and Hafe and made me a DVD of Larson movies. Mike came by for a bit.
Leilani took this pictures a few days before the wedding just down the road from our house in the New Mexico sunset.

The wedding day!

This is actually the only photo of us at the little party we had in my parent's garage. Anway, that was a fun little trip down memory lane and procrastination from work. I love our story.



My class from school got together tonight for a little big of bowling fun! I had an awesome class and am really going to miss going to school and hanging out with them...saw them every day for 9 months in 4 hour labs. I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

Here we all are. Dan and Carol, our tutors, are there in the front.
And again.

Cherrie, Vivienne, and Jo. They are all from China.
Paul and Hayden, both pretty young guys but very cool.
Sam, Codie, and Phil, some more youngins

Jo, Sarah, and Jo. I guess it would feel a bit more freeing if I had a break but full time work begins tomorrow. The place I did my work experience has offered me full time work for the next couple of months until we leave. This is, of course, awesome because I don't have to go looking for a job, I really like the people, and I can learn so much about the industry so when I go to Vermont to start up a company, I can at least pretend I know what I am doing.



I had my course completion ceremony (aka graduation) tonight. It's all over I know have my diploma in Computer Graphic Design. Yippee! This is me with my tutors Carol and Dan.
We all had to do an exhibition piece. This is mine. "My Digital Quilt" My nephew Anders is in there.
Afterwards, Liz, Lucy, Alice, Mike and I went to this cool Cafe called 'Strawberry Fare" that has awesome desserts. I will let Lucy post the pictures of the desserts...she specifically said she wanted to put them on her blog.

I like this picture of Lucy and Mike.


Cool Family Pictures!

Well the Vermont odyssey has begun. Jordan and Keighty have been making it across the country these past few days. They stopped in Illinois to stay with Joy and here are some fun pics of all the cousins hanging out. I love that the cousins will all get to know each other more. Love it.

Sprinkler Fun! I am so jealous of the heat!
Beautiful Sidney. Jordan and Keighty's baby.
Austyn, Sydney, Alannah, Shannon, Miranda, Wyatt
Cute little Miranda gettting ready to start swimming lessons!



I am in my last week of school! Wah-hoo! I am generally quite on top of things but, man oh man, I am having a really hard time getting my last few projects done and handed in. It has flown by. The fastest 9 months I've had in a LONG time. At this very moment I am taking a break from making an interactive PDF which I can't seem to make interactive and Mike is in the bed (with heated blanket) writing his essay due tomorrow. We are studying people. Yes, we are!
Here are some pix, a moment in the life of Mike and Chris, the students.


Happy Father's Day to Stevie Ray

me and my dad just after i turned 8

Tomorrow is Father's Day in America...oh wait, Tomorrow is Father's Day here in America. Wait, that makes no sense either. You know what I mean so here's a wee tribute to my Dad, Steven Ray Larson (aka Big Red). I think he's on the road but I can't wait to see him soon...2 years is WAY too long to go without seeing my family. I know that now. Since I didn't get a card in the mail ( I get that from my mom) and don't know where he'll be to call, I thought this would do.

10 Things i LOVE about my dad:

10. This face he used to make when I was little. In fact, I remember him teaching me how to make this face. You know, not everyone is able to squinch their lips to their nose like this...only truly special people.

9. How he bought the Ace of Base album when it first came out and used to blast it out of the the Volvo. Hey, they're Swedish. We gotta support our roots!

8. His pancakes. I think he makes the best ones. I don't know if they themselves are the best, but they always came at the right time. Saturday mornings. And how he used to call us from the bottom of the stairs when they were ready. I liked waking up (if you can like waking up) to that.

7. This one time I was home from school we went on this fantastic ride on his motorcycle. He knows the one I'm sure. The road meandered through pine trees in the high desert. It was warm and relaxing. I remember when he saw dips in the road, he would speed up just a bit so we could feel our stomach drop, just for fun. It started raining a little at one point. It felt warm and I loved the smell of the wet asphalt. The road took us through a small town with a cool diner. We got hamburgers and fries. Boy, they were good. The best I had had in ages. It was beautiful and I think I even fell asleep on our way back home. Perfect.

6. His laugh. Just thinking of it makes me smile. It's really high pitched when he gets going but varies from a chuckle to a cackle. It's varied, I think most people's are. I know mine is really varied. I remember times sitting at the kitchen table falling over because we were all laughing so hard. That must be good for your health, to laugh that way.

5. His cowboy boots and belt buckle. He's got the coolest turquoise belt buckle and matching turquoise ring. Very becoming. Dad suits cowboy boots. He's not a cowboy and doesn't pretend to be but he looks cool in boots. I'd like to go back to that boot outlet with him and get some myself. :)

4. His Volvos: The cream one in particular. I can't remember exactly what year it was, maybe a 76 or something. Man, that thing just never gave up going. Dad is very innovative. It needed a new grill so he cut up a laundry basket and used that. It was also rusting to death but dad just got some spray paint and painted over the rust spots with black and little bit of yellow spray paint remembering that the car was creme colored. After that, people called it the leper, the leopard, or spot. It was quite the site to see. Every once in a while, he would add a bit more when it needed it. That car was awesome.

3. His little birthday treats. I have several birthday memories from dad. When I was 12, Mom was really busy with a Theatre Festival so dad took care of my presents. He got me the new Michael Bolton tape (which I listened to every day on the bus on my walk man), and this cool yellow sweat suit with fuschia and turquoise flowers. I wasn't so much into the pants but I LOVED the top. He knew I loved color! Then when I turned 16. We were in the middle of the performances of Cyrano Rock and I remember when I woke up quite exhausted from the performance the night before, Dad had gotten lots of little photos of me and made this cool web with string and pictures across the entrance to the dining room. It was so creative and what a fun way to wake up for your sweet 16.

2. Dad always used to write us notes/letters on yellow legal pad paper. They were iconic. I loved getting them while I was at university. He's also very good at sending interesting information that he might find, you know FYI stuff. I've really appreciated and loved getting them as I have lived far away for most of the last 8 years.

------and number UNO is....

1. Semper Fi! This sort of goes along the lines of the last one, but he always signs his letters and emails with Semper Fi Delis which means "always faithful" in Latin and is the Marine Corp slogan. In his latest email he wrote, "keep bikin, hikin, trampin, churchin, and lovin. Semper fi delis" .I love it! This has been a theme he's carried with him and taught us throughout our lives. He's been an awesome example of faith and enduring to the end. Happy Father's Day Big Red! Love you! See you soon.


New Phone number

We just got a phone number in the US of A...in case anyone out there has just been waiting for the chance to call us. It's a Vermont number but rings us here in NZ! Pretty cool.

802 659 4922


FINALLY, here she be

HERE IS OUR MOVIE, Biocab International

The quality isn't great but you can get the gist. It was the genre, educational film.
There is a scene with a farmer and I am the hand in the corner holding the sound
boom. I did lots of little bits so it's quite fun to watch,


Personal DNA

Dynamic Creator
I like mine too Gail! Interesting.

I have lost the results page...too bad, I liked the sound of it!


This is my sister's littlest, Miranda. They had an 80's dance to attend and Joy did all their hair to appropriate 80's height. This bangs (fringe) are AWESOME. She looks so cute. I can't wait to meet this little one. I met her once when she was just a wee thing. had to share. Getting this look is a talent.


Good week

The cold has come...with a vengence! Well perhaps that is a bit dramatic but winter has reared it's nasty cold head here in Christchurch. It's not so cold today, not biting but our apartment IS cold and I don't want to spend any more time there than I have to. I know, I know I am a wimp and I am about to move to Vermont which I think is actually colder. Since the temperature has dropped my hands and feet have not warmed up. I think I have really baad circulation and the most important thing in my day is to have arm warmers...sadly, I only have one pair and it's just not going to work. That space between your hands and where your shirt begins is like the gateway for all cold air to enter and make my body shiver. Am I cursed? Any suggestions? I wish I could knit because I would just whip 8 or 10 in different colours and styles, but I don't. I have to go noe because my hands are getting too cold to type on the keyboard. Silly.


And the winner is...

Not our film unfortunately but we were certainly in the top 5 ( i think). It was quite a fun evening and seeing our movie on the big screen was quite a treat. I couldn't help but giggle all the way through and was pleasantly joined by chuffles and giggles in the audience as well. It was quite a cool feeling to see others enjoy what you've helped create. I can't wait until I have a postable version of it. We did the prize for the best use of the line, "What do you call that" which we all had to use as part of the rules. And I do have to say that I was the one who came up with the context of that line being used...hee hee. Let's just say it's something about drinking your own urine...I know, now you are dying. Also, we were nominated for best Art Direction, which again, was quite cool and I like to think that I may have had something to do with that. All in all, it was ChCh's version of the Academy Awards, whose who in the ChCh film/creative scene. It was such a great thing to be apart of. I think Sibling Developments should definitely get one going in Vermont. Fo sho.



Life is a bit of a mess right now. One of those messes you can't clean up until it's all over with. Mike has 3 essays due on Friday...3 days and counting. Hence the papers on the couch. I am doing marking for one of Pete's classes, hence the papers on the floor. I hate clutter but this is my life right now, just deal Chris.

Wee Wander

After work and school I went for a wee wander around my house to take some pictures. I am desperately wanting to get better and I think the only way is to take lots of pictures.


Feels good.

A still from our 48 film, an education movie about super cabbages from a corporation we call BioCab International.

This past weekend was good one so much so that I really don't want to begin a week of school and work. Yesterday we went to see the German film, The Lives of Others, very very good, very understated, very well done and so today I feel like it should be the other day to my weekend. Humph. But this week my internship was meant to have finished (well actually last week) and so I go back to school for my last 3 weeks. I don't want to go really, I like working (strange feeling) but I would love it even more if I was getting paid. Actually, I lie, it would be a bonus if I was getting paid but I like a lot just as it is. Problem, however, because I am not quite sure this can turn into paid employment but anything in comparison will be somewhat pale. Oh by the way, our 48 hour film went onto the city finals! So along with 11 others there will be an official screening at a movie theatre down the road. From there, they choose the winner and a runner up. I am no really suprised ours made it into the finals, but will be VERY suprised if we won because there are some amazing ones...still waiting for one that I can post for you all to see. So we'll just see how things turn out eh? On one more note, since we got internet I have felt really good. How is it possible for some invisible means of computing to bring goodness? Through the weekend I have been able to talk to McKay, Chelle, and my Aunt Bev over skype and that feels good.