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Roxanne Beverly Cammock
but we like to call her Roxcy


Little Baby Girl Has Arrived!!

Hey there all. So at 4:38am on September 29th Chris had a little baby girl. Everything went well. We arrived at the hospital 10 Mins before the baby was born. She weighs 7pound 3oz and is 19.5" long. Here are a few first pictures. Love you all.


the 40 week belly shot

Liz has arrived! and with lots of amazing goodies as well! Thanks for all the New Zealand love everyone! Our boy is so lucky to have someone here devoted to him. Yay! Plus, my sister drove out from Illinois so the baby has to come before she needs to leave on Friday. Come on kid! 

I haven't really taken any pictures of myself the last 10 months but I thought I would document the last week of this pregnancy at least once--I guess twice. My hair is in that awkward grow out wing phase which is awesome for a pregnant woman's already tenuous self conscious state. Oh well. 

I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon and I will say...I feel like something might just be starting to happen...to be continued...


She can come anytime now.


The offending ceiling--pre leak

Th day we moved in back in 2008
note: awful carpet

 On Labor Day after Mike came down and said, "I think you are going to want to pick out some paint colors". He said he was just going to "investigate the leak" but that led to this...

Mike quickly realized he needed help getting the ceiling down because
it weighed a million tons and we are pretty sure that it held flesh eating mold
that gave Mike an incredibly bad rash

Ceiling down and carpet up before the wall goes in

Wall going in and new ceiling going up

Wall up and now we have 2 big rooms instead of 1 ridiculously large room

(not the best pix and it is a serious work in progress)

The not so organized closet side but it works

Mike worked really hard all day Tuesday and Wednesday so we could get back into our room before I had a mental breakdown and then we worked all night getting the house sort of put back together. Over the past few days my family has been incredibly helpful helping with our boy and cleaning all the dark nooks and crannies of my house--and there are many. It is still a work in progress and we have lots of bits and pieces to  fix up but we are in and it's clean. Of course now that this is all set, the baby is going to wait it out. Today is the "due date" and I would like to get the show on the road but we'll see. I am kind of amazed how fast it all came together and Mike did this all while he has been suffering from a horrible itchy rash all over his legs and chest. I am  thrilled to have 2 nice new spaces (with really nice hardwood floors) for our upcoming transition. The perfect oasis.

I have a lot of little design things I would like to do but it certainly is a vast improvement and now we have a walk in closet/room/nursery. Mostly everything I got as bargain as I could or already and spiffed up somehow. I have wanted to hang our Mexican headboard since we moved in and a lot of what  I had went with that so I am finally able to kind of get it all working together with the paint etc. I am feeling like it is a little too matchy so I need to find ways to mix it up but we already really like having a bedroom without any dressers.


things are about to change around here

I am technically due a week from today, September 25th (my parents 41st anniversary) and have had a few thoughts come in and out of my head the last couple of days about how our time of three is coming to an end. I feel for our boy but he's entered into toddlerhood with a a real zeal so I have a feeling that he's going to be just fine AND be a cool big brother. It'll be a transition, for sure but we are sort of wrapping our heads around it--well as much as we can. So far, I am feeling fine and still hoping she makes it the week so we can take our house out of disaster zone before she arrives. We are close. Mike is putting on the second coat of polyurethane today so we should be able to move back in Wednesday. The walls are painted and the wood floors are looking lovely, so much better than the shaggy grey carpet.

A few things on our kid before he's not our only one anymore that I note every inane detail for. I keep trying to get a little interview with him on a video because he talks a lot. Sure, Mike and I are probably the only ones who can really tell what he's saying but we know he is trying to say a lot. Yesterday, we took him to the new playground up from our house and he climbed up that wall 10 times without any problem and loves the biggest slide. He didn't even ever try the little ones-just straight to the big tube.

Independent? Yes. He is excited to leave us as he walks away waving and saying 'Bye Mama, Bye Da-dee'. Is his world about to be rocked? Yes, but so is ours so we'll all be going through it together.


woking wee da-dee.

 our bedroom side
closet/nursery side

We really should take down that TVdish for cable we don't have.

Our boy either wants to go upstairs to "woke wee da-dee" or points up stairs and says " dat doy-dee"because it's pretty dusty around these parts. I think he'll miss the room full of tools. He watches Mike very intently and tries to do just what he does. Cute kid.

The room(s) are coming right along. I think by Tues/Wednesday, we are going to be able to start painting. I actually love painting but I am not in the best shape to be on ladders so will be recruiting. Zach fixed the roof on Friday and they had to get a harness for him because the pitch on our roof is crazy steep. We didn't need any falling drama. The floors are sanding up really well and are actually in decent shape and infinitely better than before.

This week, I am on the look out for some real deals (some yard sale sweet finds perhaps) and hopefully this time next week, we will be moved back in and can get the house a little cleaned up before this little baby girl Cammock enters into our crazy world due 2 weeks from today. Even with the back aches, general fatigue and serious waddle I would prefer she stay IN that whole time and come home to a house a little more put together but whatever happens happens.


we had a little leak

All summer long, we've had a leak in the ceiling in our bedroom but it became a steady stream of water over all the rain the past week. Although, we have always beens very skeptical of our ceiling since we moved in 3 years ago. It looked like a leprous monster and mom has told me numerous times that when she hears an ambulance, she thinks the ceiling has finally fallen in on us. The monster has in fact been soaking up gallons of water for months and since the ceiling was made of about 3 tons of cement and metal mesh, we had no idea what was happening until the leprous sponge was soaked and finally started to drip into our room. So this needed to be done. 

Yesterday, Labor day, I had a small list of things I wanted to get done since the baby is due in 3 weeks but Mike was going "investigate" the leak a little more. I told Mom that was code for, tearing off the whole ceiling but I wasn't totally ready for the amount of destruction the project would cause. Good thing I spent the morning, cleaning out a bunch of other stuff because we needed all the boxes to pack up our room and shove them into any possible place all over the house. But, the renovation is moving right along. They got the whole ceiling down and the nasty nasty carpet up. There is a pretty decent wood floor and we've decided to actually build a wall to make the room into two because it is giant. That way, we'll have a walk into the closet/nursery on the other side. 

I would have probably spent months obsessing over how and what to do but they will have the new ceiling up and floors sanded and it will be ready to be painted soon and I would LOVE to have my house back in working order before this one comes which I hope is not any earlier than expected. 

 I am very excited to have a nice clean space for us and the little one and am trying to find inexpensive/ free ways to get it all put back together. 


Our big kid.

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