Cousin Halloween.

Pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern
Trying to find where to go
Cousins and co. before trick or treating
Red Power Ranger
Pirate Pippy Long Stocking
Little Dragon

Football Player

Mini panda
I like the Ghost Pirate holding onto the Dragon's tail
the one street we hit we took the crew

Finding shelter from the rain under a shrub

After the Football game, the Panda and I headed to the cousin Halloween Party where games were played, cookies were frosted, snacks were eaten, and we went trick or treating. Right as we got out there, it started to rain so it was a very abbreviated adventure but the kids didn't seem to mind--they got their few pieces (you can get literally fill up a pillow case if you really want to) and we headed home for the kids to revel in their candy.

Now, onto Thanksgiving!

Day in the life of a mini panda.

Falling asleep

Hanging out with dad at a football game

Being held by aunts and uncles

Being frustrated with this lady because she wants a picture with me
and I am HUNGRY!

Managing to fall asleep as Uncle Nate held me while trick or treating
with the cousins--in the rain. Champion little panda.

Halloween at the Pub!

Hair band rocker (that wig transformed him)
80s duo

Rockin' the Mullet

Any excuse to wear fun eye makeup

Groomsman and Maid of Honor to the dead Bride and Groom

My favorite costumes of the night :)

Last night was the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash at the Windsor Station Pub--I think last year I had a bit more energy to take pictures. The boy was with a family friend and rather than going out, I felt like going to bed. The staff was all going 80s so I joined onto that bandwagon because I just had to pull stuff out of my own closet (good thing?) and found Mike a sweet mullet wig so he was set. There was a great crowd and some pretty rockin' live music.

Later today I will get our little man dressed up in the Panda suit for the cousin party and maybe walk around with the kids trick or treating. It is in the mid sixties today and incredibly windy. From my room I can hear the warm up music blasting down at the Windsor High School football field. They are playing Woodstock today--we all went to Woodstock High School --and Woodstock and Windsor are rivals. It could actually be a good game. I think Mike wants to go down. The boy's first Halloween and football game. Phew.


Passports and Pandas.

A couple weeks ago we headed to one of our small town post offices to apply for the boy's passport for our approaching trip to New Zealand. Generally it takes all of 2 point 5 minutes to apply for a passport but not when you need to get a head shot of 3 month old. I had fed him just before thinking that would be best and he wouldn't be fussy but instead as Mike tried to hold him steady without being in the picture but also keeping his head bob under control, a fountain of spit shot out in perfect arched projection. The very kind postwoman was patient but also a bit flustered by the Saturday morning job we had brought to her on a normally very quiet shift.

It was like playing a video game trying to get his head to stay within the little box on the camera screen long enough to get the picture. We got one fairly descent shot but when it printed it was over esposed so the one she went with--out of desperation she wouldn't get a better one--is, shall I say, kind of ugly. I don't think it shows the true cuteness of our baby and instead he looks like a hunched grumpy old man. Apparently, they are more lenient with baby shots seeing as how he already looks different than he did 2 weeks ago. Well, he is stuck with it for 5 years. Kind of funny.

the sort of descent shot

The old man baby passport picture.

Halloween Preview:
Lucy, here is the closest thing we have gotten to a baby panda yet.
I will try and get some better pictures of him.


getting stronger.

He wasn't holding his head up like this two days ago when I put him on his tummy. He really actually does change every day. crazy babies.



a few weekends ago with madelene and hiller.

giving hiller a dirty look.


come again soon!