3 really great things.

Watermelon, Mom's Camo Cookie Bars, Blue Blue Sky


29 weeks.

Ah, the love of this weather. We took a hike this afternoon up in the Ascutney State Park just 10 minutes up the road. It was lovely and all up hill and boy do I feel the extra weight poking out. So I haven't taken any pictures for a couple weeks so Mike took a few but, there is no hiding behind vests or scarves anymore--this kid is poking out and I don't really have any t-shirts so barely squeezed into this pre-preg shirt and it is a bit shocking to see the roundness of ones body. :)

I like seeing Mike carrying our nephew because a year from now we will have one of him.


Good day.

It was gorgeous today. Hot (89), Sunny, and dry. We had a great day at the Inn with some more help and a really fun day all working together as family and friends. Really really really love this weather. Sure, it is suppose to rain tomorrow but today was such a good day.

After 2700 miles in 5 days, Big Red has returned.


Big Red's a comin'

Big Red is on his way from New Mexico to us on his motorcycle. He is flying across the country!
I can't wait to hear his stories and see his pictures. Big Red (aka Lars) always finds himself in the the most random of situations. As of this afternoon, he was outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. I think we will be seeing him in just a few days if he keeps this pace. Right in time for some warm weather.


Friend Weekend.

These past few days, we have had friends visit to come help on the Inn. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Mad, Hiller, and Molly. It was brilliant to meet up with old friends and have your helping hands. It was so much help.

Glad we could celebrate Mad's birthday at the Pub, take Hiller to his first real Diner and spend some time catching up with some my oldest friends.

My mom has been gone for 4 days.

Her hair just keeps getting bigger. It's awesome.


Cold Cold Easter.

Oh Man, it was coooooooooold today. No more snow but seriously bitter temps with a whipping wind. The kids had to get dressed in winter gear to last the 1 minute egg hunt outside. We feasted on potato salad (mom's recipe), ham, rolls, fruit salad, and green salad -- A traditional Easter lunch (in the Larson family). I ate waaaay too many desserts. Now I can't seem to move.
Happy Easter and may spring come back.


It's going to be 60 degrees today! Hoorah.

Yesterday, it snowed and today the sun is out and the air is warm and life feels good. Mike is getting all set to bike with the the Stab Bike club on Wednesdays by doing a Spinning Class here in town. I am just happy that the snow is gone and I can walk outside again. I like the changing of the seasons. Bring Spring and Summer on (plus my one jacket that fits is quickly growing too small)

27 weeks. Into the third trimester.



Yesterday I was with Missy Moosey and she was counting her family on her fingers and trying to remember everyone.
Seedney, Wayyyyet, Ahgus, Keety, Mas, Kees, Mike (his is pretty clear). Over and Over until she got everyone in a row.


26 weeks.

I know we don't take very good shots of me--as in, I don't look that pregnant. But that is the last of my old dresses that still fits barely. From the time this picture was taken until today, I feel like I have gained 8 pounds. I also have developed a pretty bad case of heartburn--something I never dealt with before. It makes eating much less enjoyable. Besides that, TLK is moving a lot. Mike felt him for the first time the other day which was exciting for him--Ninja Killer Cammock is his name of choice.

We just got back from a few days in New Jersey helping our pals move houses. It was nuts but I think we got them all moved out and moved in. I just want to say BRAVO to M and S and the little Bergers for holding it together through what is a VERY stressful time. Can't wait to see you next month under a little different circumstances but glad we could be there to help where we could.

Big Red and Little Ed.

While Joy was here she took this picture "Big Red and Little Ed".
So cute. We miss you Mom and Dad! Hope you are enjoying some sun,
some biking, and some excellent garden clean up.