I miss vacation.


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Mike Day.

First few months with his boy

From our recent road trip

an attentive, adoring, and fun dad
generous, loving, good lookin', husband
Happy Birthday Mike!


1 year 1 month

grooving to the sound of his shakers

couldn't pick just one

I was going to stop at 12 months but Mike thinks we should keep going until he is 18. He's got 6 teeth now, bee-bops to music, claps, says "Ouch" which he learned when I yelled it as he sunk his sharp little teeth into my arm and is generally on the move and quite entertaining. He is standing up on his own and crawling really fast but still no walking which is A-ok with us.


Normal days.

I should be getting everything ready for our morning departure but we are enjoying our last late night up chatting with family in Normal. We did some shopping, saw "Inception", took a day trip to Nauvoo and Carthage, played Rockband, Xbox, went to the massive State Farm Pool, watched movies, and relaxed. It has been much needed and sad to say goodbye to but tomorrow we will get back on the road and begin the trip home.