4 months.

In honor of her 4th month she has slept through the night (8+hours) 2 nights in a row. This also coincided with shorter naps during the day but we'll take it, Woot-woot! She is wiggling all over the place and getting much strongerand looks all around but the SMILES, oh her smiles, are delicious and she freely shares with all who even spend a moment to talk with her. She is getting a pretty sweet double chin and some thigh rolls. She isn't huge but she is chunkier than her brother was at 4 months because she eats well! We have her 4 month check up tomorrow so we'll get all the updates. She has a pretty sweet bald spot on the back of her head but her hair is still very red. She is the coolest.


January via phone shots

2012 is well on its way. We had some very very cold days this month but only one little snow storm--very mild winter 'round these parts. Our boy is talking a lot and some of it even people who don't know him can understand. As you can see we've had lots of time inside during the month of January. It's just not as easy to get out when it's cold but we try which means there is a lot of toddler wandering all over the house, destroying things and lots of Bumbo-ing for the girl.

The big news is last night he went up to Mike and asked to go potty. Sat down and went. Actually he went twice last night and then again this morning when he woke up. We were going to wait until the last possible moment when we knew he wanted to but he is kind of asking us to get with it. I don't know. I am still not convinced but we'll see how the weekend goes and then I might start reading up on the ole training tricks of the trade. I am happy to receive anyone's advice if they have any to share but again I am not sure we will be delving into this very seriously since I can't tell if he is really that into it and if he's not, I'm sure not.

Tomorrow our little Rocky Red will be 4 months.


Rocky ouchie me.

Here's our nearly 4 month old little girl. She's super cool. She laughs, even giggles these days. She seems so much more social to me than our boy was at 4 months so it's been fun. She is nearly rolling over on her own and sleeping a little less during the day and a little more at night. The last 5 nights she has only eaten once at night so I have beginning to refill my sleep debt.

Her brother is just so sweet with her although he did tell me yesterday that "Rocky ouchie me" when he was rolling around on the bed and rolled over her arm and he felt like she hurt him. Ha.  He brought it up several times--he knows how to milk something for sure. I would say maybe he's feeling a little neglected, but I know that isn't true.

I always think of things to write down to remember but now I forget. Oh well--she's the coolest. 


Snow gnome.

We got our first snow since Thanksgiving. It has been really really cold the last few days. I think it is -16 tonight. Brrrrrr. Despite the cold,  our boy likes wandering around outside. Sometimes he will lead us alllll over town just wandering around saying "Dat way" and heading there. When I got him all suited up in his snow gear, he looked like a little garden gnome to me. I liked seeing him bop around in the snow. 
This kid rocks.


NYE Bowling!





On New Year's Eve we all headed to the local bowling alley for some good times. This is definitely a fun new tradition. Next year, we know to book a lane.