Ride with Big Red.

Nothing like the rumble and hum of a mororcycle and the sun of the desert on a winter's day.


Well that only took me a few hours to figure out. I can't believe I waited so long to switch over to the new blogger from the old. So much less hassle and code to figure out and right when I was feeling like getting rid of my blog, its a new lease on blogging. Off for a ride with Dad on his motorcycle!



Really they are coming; i mean it. I am just in the midst of changing over to the new blogger after using it it for 4 years, I am still on the old one so I am gearing up to switch over and then I will begin the process of loading photos. We took a little trip the last couple days to deliver the beads to Aunt Janet (that we bought in India) which she absolutely loved so big relief there, and trip to Phoenix and Mesa. We are living it up here while the last few days of our holiday last and I hope in the next few days I can get some movement on this site. Here's hoping.


Christmas with Chaz and Big Red

Here are a few holiday snapshots from down here in Deming with Chaz and Big Red.
Since Dad is on nights this week we had to whip up the Burgers and Floats pretty quick before he headed off to work but they were goooood. I have never seen anyone BBQ the Burgers as fast as dad.

The Nutcracker collection
The colorfully festive living room
Tree a la mexican streamers (left over from our reception)
Steve and Mike get ready to dig in

with a little added Kiwi flavour

there is nothing like A&W Rootbeer
Dad listening to his new shuffle
Mike and his new shoes (down to 20 from 90...love the US!)
Dad and his booty!
Mom and her booty!Chris' booty!




view from Jason's parents place, Bangkok
Sunset at Ko Samet, Thailand
outside Big Ben, London
outside Oakland Temple, California

We're back. Back to the USA. Back to my parents. Back.

It has been a long time. In these next couple weeks while I am here, I will do a serious blog update from our trip which I am excited to complete. London was fun and cold and the flights to the states were uneventful really and we got through immigration in a record 10 minutes with Mike's green card which was a relief to have that work out smoothly. We had a great night in the Bay Area with our good friend's parents who picked us up fed us Mexican upon arrival and bagels in the morning, a ride past the Oakland temple, perfection. The flight to El Paso was fine except one of our bags (one of the ones that had been waiting in San Francisco with all my nice clothes in it) didn't turn up so fingers crossed that will show up tomorrow. We've had about 10 hours sleep in the past 72 hours but so nice to be home. I love all of my mom's Christmas decor and the mexican flare. I love it.


New Country....Thailand!

Wow! India....
I am going to let that one set for a while before I delve in deeper.
Last night we boarded a plane (the first since setting out for Shanghai Sept 19th in NZ) for Bangkok. We have all agreed that a 4 hour flight from 1-5AM is the WORST of all travel experiences. Of all the buses, trains, jeeps, and now camels (oh yes, Lucy and I rode camels in Jaislemer India) that plane ride was horrid and India bit me before I got out with a night of hideous food poisoning so we are all on Thailand RE-BOOT. We have met back up with our 4th amigo, Jason, tossed around various travel tales and are living in the lap of luxury with is parents in their city apartment. Sweet.
Looks like we are going to settle her for the next couple days and then head down to Ko Samet (an island about 3 hours drive from Bangkok) for some sun time and relaxation on the beach before we head over to London. Ah yes, London...and why did that have to be the last stop on this trip when our budget is down to nearly nothing. Oh well. Life goes on.
20 days until Christmas. Wa-hoo!

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