Our latest project.

Most of you who read this have probably heard about our Windsor 250 project but let me wax on for a moment:

Firstly, it's about creating and how energizing that can be and we are jazzed about this. But I was also thinking the other night about how important Windsor, Vermont is, celebrating its 250th year and how documenting it in this way is going to last for generations. How cool would it be to have some sort of collection like this from it's 100th year that we could look at today? The information and history we can gather will be priceless not only for this town but as a snapshot of a small American town in 2011. I know it can be hard to donate money, especially in this kind of economy where gas is a small investment, but If we could find a whole bunch of people to even pledge $1 to this project, we'd be golden because every dollar we raise will help us make the project that much better. People of Vermont, People of all places, help us creatively document our history!!!!!!!

Thank you to our backers thus far! We've raised $1,500 this week but we have some ground to cover in the next 3 weeks to make our goal. If you can think of a way we can spread the word more or know other art advocates, send them the link! Let's get the word out and help the birthplace of this beautiful state have an outstanding 250th year! Windsor deserves it big time.


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