Fireworks and Snapdragon Inn Open house.

Last night was the first annual Fireworks over Paradise Park (the lake behind our house) and they were amazing. They looked awesome from the Inn lawn. Mike snapped some great pictures.This afternoon we had an open house sneak peek at the Inn. Here are a couple of teaser photos of how it is looking. Now I am going to bed and hope to sleep 1,000 years. :)

entry & library

room 9

room 5

library to entry to dining room



Quick pause

I have been at the Inn every day for months now but we are ALL there ALL the time now as we gear up for a sneak peek open house on Saturday. Our little man found this cubby in the library to be the perfect spot--photo care of Rich.

Alice is here! Yippee!!! And she has immediately pitched in to help with whatever she can which is being our nanny. But I just booked us tickets to go see The Swell Season (duo from the movie Once) next week so that should be fun.

Gotta run


Numer Uno!

It was quite the party. I will write more when I have time but wanted to get the pictures up. At one point, I think when we sang to him, he seemed to realize the day was about him.


Birthday day!
We are getting ready for a little party this afternoon with friends and family.
More later.
(we did not cross his arms and legs--he was just being a little poser)