Yes, well I am here still alive. Let me say, once again, that I can't wait to have the internet back someday. I am at school and don't have any interesting pictures of family or friends so I am restricted to whatever is on my petition here at school...so clouds it is for today. I missed school on Friday to attend Liz's graduation ceremony so I am putting in time this Saturday to get my Annual General Report for the Christchurch Airport finished...yes, fun times. I have one more brief left (a magazine) before final portfolios are due in. Insane stuff. Mike is clipping along with his courses and working a couple days a week to help pay for things. It is now 3:02 PM and I told myself I would get off the internet at 3:00 and get in gear but I'm not and my eyes are feeling droopy. It's autumn here, well just on the cusp of it so leaves are falling and scraping along the ground as they do but the days and nights (when the weather is good) are still warm and cozy. It was a late summer and I will be sad to see it go. There really isn't much ground-breaking news. We are very busy with school and making plans for the future days. Looks like we are in for a definite move to the US of A this year, Vermont, but aren't entirely sure when. That will come as well. So there could be a bit of travel in between or not, we'll see. So anyone out there who was hoping to come to NZ...better come quick!


Baby Eddie

Eddie was getting into my b-day celebrations as well. Yo Eddie!

Baby Eddie

Eddie was getting into my b-day celebrations as well. Yo Eddie!

Chris is 26



Here are a couple pix from the big birthday fest at Mark and Sara's. My chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Mike so lovingly put the candles in a smiley face...no need to have an accurate count, it's a party right?
Lucy and Maya Berg. My buddies. They added fun times to the par-tey.
As far as prezzies go...Mike went part-time at the camera store and so for my birthday he got a Cannon 400D Digital SLR...I know more than I was expecting. We had talked about it but I didn't think he'd get it now...but we used the insurance money from my stolen bike. So he got the camera, a really nice lens, and a monopod (hence the parts). We also just got back from a weekend away with the family where we rented a beach house. It was just about an hour out of the city in a beautiful little bay. I spent the weekend getting used to the new camera. Hot stuff. MOre pix to come.


Trip to Cave Stream

Well this was about a month ago when we took a trip to this stream that runs through a cave "hence Cavestream". It was lots of fun. We all had torches (flashlights) and wandered through a limestone cave for 30 minutes. It was a gorgeous summer day...summer was a bit late and short this year. In fact, today was gorgeous and it's meant to be coming into Autumn. This is me, Mike (Liz's Bro), Jonelle, Lucy(with Harriet), Pete, Alice, Liz(holding McGregor). oh and Mike's son, Sam. Mike had to work that day but he is now officially one day a week and back in school. He's got lots going on with school so we will both be busy bees. It was nice having a little extra money but we are used to the student life and going without and I am happy to have Mike around more to enjoy lovely afternoons like today's. I'll post some pix of my big birthday celebrations tommorrow...whatever they may be.