a little bit alien baby.

liz sent lars this onesie from New Zealand with the lambskin booties. They are still a little big but it was chilly and I love them. This picture is pretty funny.

baby shower.

The sisters had been planning a baby shower since June but then I had all those phantom complications that kept pushing it back until last Saturday. K80 had planned an outdoor soiree at the Inn but with 100% chance of rain, we moved over to McKay's house--it was lovely.

I have only ever been to one baby shower and we played very awkward games (guess the smushed up candy bars in the diapers and dress someone in a diaper using toilet paper) and showers scared me from there on out.

Not this one. Mom and the gals made really really yummy snacks (and my fav fruit salad) and people came, mingled, and brought such cool gifts for me and lars. It was really fun opening all of those gifts including 3 homemade quilts.

My neighbor, brought her harp and played lars a lullabye and then played a song from a friend of hers and brought an illustrated book for each of us to sing along. It was beautiful and I haven't been able to get the tune out of my head--lars' lullabye. So so sweet of her.

lars fell asleep within the first 15 minutes of people arriving and stayed asleep the entire time! It was a really great afternoon with friends from high school, college, church friends, old friends, new friends, nieghbors, and family.

Thank you McKay, K80, Chelle, and Mom.


in the wrap.

he likes the sleepywrap because it's like going home. he nearly slept 3 hours in it today--his eyelashes look to be getting longer and thicker just like Mike's.

My boys in the morning.

can they be any cuter?


the boy



Yesterday was Mike's day and we had a joint party with our lil one year old nephew. We enjoyed yum yum yummy BLT's and a totally indulgent ice cream sandwich ice cream cake thanks to Chelle. Mike's first birthday as a dad. I love seeing Mike with his little boy.

that same little boy has been eating ALL the time and NOT taking many naps (or maybe I just feel this way) and it is really really HOT. I felt like a real mom today when his nappy leaked all over me and then I looked at my shirt and I had forgot a breast pad and I had leaked. Awesome.
The combination of all of these things has been totally exhausting but...he is sweet and it is all ok.

Goodnight. Here's to a smooth night.


When he was 4 days old.

Leilani, thank you for these. They took my breath. You are remarkable.
(there are a few more but blogger won't let me upload them. boo.)


1 month.

This little man is officially 1 month old and 8 lbs. People keep saying how little he is (and he is) but I am used to it and sort of wish he would stay "permanently tiny" as our 5-year old friend Maya wished as well.

I think the thing that I am continually amazed at is that I made this little boy inside of me-his perfect little ears, clear blue eyes and eye balls, his dark brown mohawky hair, his skinny little legs, his lovely dark eyelashes(just like his dad) his round little tummy, and his rather large nostrils--all inside of me. Astounding.

I can sort of see a rhythm emerging sometimes. He takes a longish nap in the early afternoon and the last few days has been getting nearly a 4 hour stretch at nights. After even 3 hours I feel like I could take on the day. Oh how fast things change.

He is just starting to show sign of smiles as opposed to the grumpier/confused faces of his early weeks--although cute, these nice happier looking faces help me feel like he isn't totally frustrated with the efforts of his new mum at what I feel is mind reading. When he does cry (and he rarely ever does) and I mean the real cries where his lips quiver and he turns red, he lets out the cutest little squeak.

He seems to like being close to a window and seeing the movement of light and shadow. When he is awake he will focus right in on your eyes and it actually is a stunning moment when he does. His hair is progressively looking more and more like a receding hair line of an old man as his head grows with his little mohawk looking more like Alfalfa's spike from the Little Rascals. He seems to like being outside--calms right down and often falls asleep. I have been able to enjoy some nice walks with him in the lovely summer weather (that finally came).

Some of our boy from this week:


back to birth weight

He's up to 7 lbs 8 ounces! He actually quite liked the pool this afternoon as well--he looks mad/pensive but that is how he looks a lot. Pretty sure he gets cuter every day. I think I need a hair cut.