April by phone.

I like having a phone that has a great camera although I do find I take out my big camera less these days. I  also like documenting our days on instagram (sublimeeye is my username) because its easy and fast and like a visual journal. It's been a busy April but we've had lots of good times with cousins and friends minus a couple really terrible sick days.

But we are REALLY looking forward to MAY.


Crazy cupcake eyes.

On Easter weekend we went to a little party for our friends' one year old. Our boy hovered by the cupcakes until it was dessert time and then he chowed down. I love his crazy eyes in the last picture. This week he has been saying "Check it out" and "Awesome" very clearly and he has become very into monster trucks. We found this little documentary about racing them and he's been digging it. When he runs around, he puts his head and holds his hands out and that's when he is being a "monsuh twuck". Also, he has a place mat of the world and I've showed him where New Zealand is and we talk about who lives there. He also knows that Lucy lives in Australia and then he knows we live in USA. He also knows Russia but he likes to get into a little fight saying that the USA is Russia. Funny. 

Our girl is rolling all over the place and saying lots of "mamamamamamas" and has just started sitting up by herself but she doesn't stay there long. She's been eating avocados, bananas, pears, apples, peas, and sweet potatoes. Some nights she sleeps great and then other nights, she is up a little more than I would prefer but she's getting there and she's just too cute. 

We've been a sick family the last few weeks. I can't seem to kick it and am waffling between the cold and flu. Blaaaaah. On Sunday both Mike and I were out and it was hard having two small children with two parents who could barely keep their heads up but the weather is warming, the kids are delicious, and we are getting super excited for all of our May visitors!


Easter in Pictures: Especially for Mom's b-day today!

Happy Birthday Mom. I spent the last hour trying to get all these photos uploaded especially for you. I hope that you are enjoying your day out in Las Cruces and that maybe you find yourself a little something new and special on the clearance rack at Kohl's. Today around 9AM, I was feeling like the day was going so slowly and keeping this dynamic boy occupied was exhausting me so I whipped up some flour & baby oil for some dough he could play with and I felt like you-- always keeping us busy and playing and exploring. He played in it for at least 25 minutes which is like 3 hours in toddler time. Then we made a fort with the pillows and had lunch under them. He was a happy boy. You always made me feel so special with unique little activities and gave us all your time and attention. I honestly don't know how you did it. I can't wait to see you next month. 

Love you, from your baby girl and her baby girl. Now onto the Easter Extravaganza!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt and Basket at home

The Family Mexican Easter Potluck and Egg Hunt