Hobo Brig has a new hat.

The New Summer Hobo Brig
Winter Hobo Brig.
We love Hobo Brig no matter what hat he wears.

Lucy's bday.

We tried our best to pull off a Cammock birthday breakfast in our new house for Lucy. We didn't let her have an opinion in the matter, we just had one. It was also the first real gathering we had at our new home with the whole fam. Mom and I made her a chocolate cake, she was gifted homemade flowers, special dances from some of the little people, and multiple packs of Coke zero (when people asked, I thought it was a safe bet for a gift). Birthdays away from home can always be hard but I think she had a pretty good day with the Larsons.The boys helped decorate the cake when they arrived. Why would a chocolate cake just sit there bare when there is bowl of perfectly good M&Ms sitting next to it?
The kids loved the chocolate cake for breakfast...the birthday breakfast was a hit.
Home made flowers and Coke zero!
Sydnie folds over.Austyn flies...
Sydnie breaks...
Hope you had a good day Lucy.


We have been experiencing incredible lightning and thunder storms this summer. It has been the quintessential rainy Vermont summer. But July is right around the corner so we'll see what that brings. Isn't the lightning cool...


Getting Settled

We are officially moved in and getting settled into our very own home and already the house is full of guests. Both my mom and Lucy are staying with us. I feel very lucky to have mom here and all her new house cleaning expertise. We have some plans for renovations this summer but everything will take time and money but is is absolutely awesome to have a space of our own. I am so glad we didn't have much to unpack but it was fun to unpack things I had in storage since high school and things I have and other treats my family had set aside for us. Over time, we will fill in the gaps, and get everything just right. Its been a dream of mine to have my own house to design and finally do with what I imagine up...so it begins.

Downstairs Living Room. I bought that zebra rug when I was 17 and I still love it.
The downstairs Dining Room area. We used those lamps at our Wedding Reception in the garage and a cool green bowl I got from my great friends but has been at my mom's house so fun to have it back.
This wall paper will be gone within the week ;)
La Cocina. There are lots of cabinets in this space.
The wonderful little pantry.
My temporary recycling center.
The downstairs mud room sort of place.The downstairs entry room with stairs to 2nd floor.
Mom's room downstairs.
1st floor Bathroom.
Cool little archway.
Upstairs master bedroom...this is just about half of it.
Master bath.
Lucy's 3rd floor room.

3rd floor bath.The other 3rd floor blue room, yet to be touched.


Max1million made his snake into a hearts and said, " Happy Baltines Day Aunt Chris!"

He was thrilled with his robot cake a la grammy lyall
She got 'em both
4 yr olds unite
miss moosey
sharing is love

4/9ths of the Larson cousins have their birthday in June so we had a BIG BIRTHDAY for all of them. We had Robot Cake, Dinosaur Cake, and Pink Cake...all bases covered plus some excellent salads and Hobo Brig took care of the Grill. Presents ranged from dollar store trinkets to full on dancing robots.


Larsons Unite 2008: Part 2

We are all here now and tonight we attempted our first family reunion-ish type gathering with T-shirts, family pictures (first time we have all been together in over 4 years), and selected games and/ or entertainment. My favorite was definitely N8s interpretive dance to Popcorn Popping... he really brought it to the table. Now looking back at the over 400 pictures we took on continuous shutter mode, we are much better at silly pictures than your normal everyone looking and smiling picture. Here are just a select few but oh, do I have more where that came from.

On Another note: Mike and I are home owners.