Happy Halloween!

What a party at the Pub last night. Take a look!

A pirate and his treasure (thanks to Joy for the idea)
Peace and Quiet
Princess and very scary Vampire
James Bond and his Bond GirlI have the coolest brothers
The Pub lights
Chelle and I kept the dancing going (or so we like to think) We felt like PWs.
The pirate stabbing one more time
Love dancing with this guy

The lone mime
See the joy in her face?
The Queen and a STAB victim (McK's parents)
Ok so I haven't carved a pumpkin in 10 years
I am a fan of fake eyelashes
Long night. Good night.

Halloween Eyes by Mike.

I have always wanted to wear fake eyelashes and so I did just that. Next time I will pay more than $4 for the eyelash glue...my own eyelashes are a bit thinner now...and sticky. Oh the sacrifices we make.


Tonight is going to be good--I can feel it.

Tonight is the Halloween party at the Station. All of my siblings and THEIR spouses (thanks Ali) are going and I have been working on a play list for the background music as N8 as asked--oh yeah.

Included will definitely be Kanye's new song which is very cool and been in my head.

And The Killers new song, Human.

Stay tuned for some fun pictures of all the events...


This is only funny if you have seen or watch Mad Men but I know some of you will appreciate the poke at the always evolving and illusive, Don Draper by Don Draper. We just watched the Season 2 finale and am going to miss it.

Sad to say Goodbye.

We are about to take Liz and Pete to the airport. They have been staying with us for 3 months so it is certainly going to feel strange when they are gone. I am so glad they could come over and get to know my family and our home here in the States after we lived in New Zealand. They are off to Hawaii to see Lucy now and apparently just going to miss some snow from the looks of the weather this week -- I think they have really enjoyed our little home and place here in VT and hope to see them again next year sometime. Love you guys!


Oh Taiwan.

Our last night in Taiwan and last scooter ride...Yes those are pink flames on my helmet.

I uploaded most (but not all) of our Taiwan photos from back in 2004-2005 in June before all hell broke loose. They are here. I left them private until I got them labeled and organized sequentially but I know I will never do it so here they are in no special order and have no labels or explanation so how's that? We loved Taiwan and think about it at least once a week and what a fantastic time we had there our first year after getting married. We worked as English teachers days and nights but during the days we were both at Franklin American School and all the little kids are mostly from there and the big shows we had to put on every 6 months...Mike's always won. It was simultaneously odd and amazing . We miss it.

Dustin really didn't like English class. This is what he did whenever I spoke.
The Uniforms for Franklin American School that we never wore except on the
"show" night when the parents came.
Oh, we look so young!


Ander's Nepalese Brother.

I found this shot I took right as we were crossing the Tibet/Nepal Border last year...just about a year ago right now actually. It is Ander's Nepalese brother. That isn't a very good picture that I have to show the similarity but those who know him will see it.

A Pumpkin Frolic.


The final stages.

Fall is settling in; I can see my breath and my cheeks turn pink when I'm out and it feels lovely. The colors are in their last stages of life and I think we only have a few days left before it's over but I am enjoying the view from our house to the lake without many leaves to obstruct it. The thought of winter is chilling but also exciting--first we have Halloween and Thanksgiving and they will be my firsts home in the States in 4 years and Mike's firsts. I just heard we are having a Halloween Party at the Pub so time to think of a costume....