Some of the gang went out to eat tonight. Our last hoo-rah in Taiwan.

Tanya, Amy, and my funny face. We are so tired and ready to get on the plane.

This is our handsome, rich, and charming 25 yr old friend Jack...and single.

Yeah...more wicked scooter fun.

Yeah wicked scooter fun.

This is my good friend Leah. She helped organize a driver to come pick us up and take us to the airport along with some other people. She's always been there.

We had a baby shower for three of the women at church. These are most of the sisters from Relief Society at church.

Signing off from Taiwan

Well its that time. We have stuffed our bags full and are heading off for some sleep now at 1:52 AM. Its been fun. Its been cool and we are really going to miss this place and all the people we have met and known here. Here's to you Taiwan, signing off.


Saturday. We leave Tomorrow.

Yesterday was the last day of school for us. I had pangs of sadness but it was nothing like when a semester of school is over and you feel such relief, but more just the pangs of the end of something that was mostly very very good. We hadn't told any of the kids we were leaving, and not that it shocked any of them too much, but I did see one little boy get a little teary eyed which I think is because he almost always got the most points at the end of the week and would get a sticker or treat and feared those days were over. My little kids said, "Where you going Teacher Chraaak?" and one said "I not let you go" but it all lasted about 25 seconds and then they were on with their lives. It was quite the experience and we really enjoyed our school, the teachers, and the principals. Today, Saturday, is our last day in Taiwan and its free with no work? What will the day bring??? Some final glances at things Taiwan.

This is the view from our Apartment and quite a typical Taiwan scene. I'll miss it though.

Ken, Jolin, Charlie, and Nick, from Mike's class.

This is Me and Tiffany, our principal's daughter. She is 10 years old and her English is really incredible. She has an amazing vocabulary. She is very cool.

This is one of my older classes...major problem classes, mainly because of the one saluting us there on the table...Ah yes Hank. Lori, my chinese teacher, husband owns a New Balance show factory in China. Hooked us up.

I really liked this dude...I call him "big head"

They said. "I not let you go"...it was endearing but 2 seconds later they said "ok we have new teacher"

The little people from Taiwan.

Allen, Sam, Ruby, and Shine. I have been their teacher since they started English school and I must say...they are genius speakers. You can just see it in their faces huh?

This is my kindergarten class and my chinese teacher, Wendy.


Goodbye Taiwan

Well our time is up here in FengYuan, Taiwan. Boxes have been posted, walls have been stripped, and goodbye photos have been taken...well are in the process of being taken. There are many things about this place I want to capture on Photo. Here are some but I still have a few more days to get the rest. So we will start with what I have in the following. Today is our last day of teaching...its been hard to teach up until 2 days before we leave, but that's how the cookie crumbles...and why I just added that stupid line from that movie, who knows? (can you guess that movie?) So Enjoy some of our parting memories. Like I said, there will be more to come. No doubt tears will be shed this day as we leave our school...not quite, the kids don't really understand that we are not coming back and they get new English teachers all the time so they move on...but that's life in Taiwan.

Sunset from our balcony- above the smog and haze. We will miss Taiwan.

This is Amy. She joined by class at school about 2 months ago. At first she screamed so much when her grandma( yes, grandma not mom) dropped her off that we would have to put her far away because it was deafening. Now I think she is a cool cat but she does have the most squeaky voice ever and calls me "Teacher Chraaaeeaaak". Gotta love it.

This is Peters wife and daughter. His wife is from Mainland China and his daughter loves princesses and sticking her tongue at me and calling me a "stupid egg". So cute.

And more Chinese friends...well we are sure in with Taiwan home fries. This is Gordon and Peter. Peter puts bikes together and since Mike loves bikes, we got some bikes off him.

Here are her cool sisters...Becky and Rebecca.

Penny is a genius. We are friends with her family and she goes to our school. She is 7 yrs old but is brilliant in English and well everything else she does. Oh, but she rarely ever talks.

This is us with our Branch President and his very pregnant wife Melissa. Mike was his counselor.

This was a door leading out of the temple. I thought it was cool. There you go.

People come here to pray to their ancestors, their gods...whatever.

This is a traditional Confuscious temple...

Yeah, I hit it and look at my prize. This baby had guts, let me tell you. I gave it to Blaine, the guy behind me. I didn't think customs would appreciate my skill in darts as much as me.

There are always carnival games set up in Taiwan...especially at festivals so we bought a basket of darts and see that small green one on the left???

A favorite mode of transportation here in Taiwan...gotta see Matsu however possible.

I guess they like freaky dancers to invite her back too. These were seriously mean looking guys. My friend said some of them were from the Triads (the Chinese Mafia). Ooooooo.

Matsu might be here somewhere...don't really know what this is. It was pretty crazy.

There has been a festival for the goddress Matsu...the sea goddess. Anyway, she just came back from China and Taiwan has been welcoming here back. We happened to catch up with her in Dajia.

Some of our friends took us out to dinner. We taught most of the adults English classes. They're great people. We will miss them.

Just a small sample of the insanse amount of boots that were hot this winter...these ones are going for 15 bucks. What a deal! I have learned restraint.

Every inch of space is used no matter where

This is the neighborhood behind our apartment (pictured in the background haze) and a woman rummaging for her fortune