Back in October...

I know I am letting the blog slip. Here are some shots from October. Mostly of Halloween. Lars was a firetruck and Roxcy was Annie-- a costume Carol's mother made for her daughter. Vintage Annie. She looked so cute. They both did and Lars loved trick or treating. I probably already mentioned this...I can't remember. He went on a cute little ghost parade with his preschool and then there was the party at church and the actual trick or treating so he was loving it all.

It's getting coooold here. No snow yet but cold. I can not believe it is nearly December. What the what? So not ready but excited for the holidays with the kiddies. Lars is loving all the lights around town and I think this will be the first year where he feels the magic. Fun! 

My goal is to get November pictures up before December!


One year, One month.

She is looking so much older to me these days. Her hair is getting all shaggy around the ears and sometimes if its wet, it's all curly. I think my favorite thing about her right now is how she is with her brother. They bring the best and worst out of each other and it's hilarious to watch. These three pictures show this perfectly. Lars loves annoying her and she gives it right back. Then the love giving big kisses and hugs. Roxcy fully gives the open mouth kisses...The other day I heard Lars say, "Rocky bit me" and then he came over and, sure enough, she had sunk her four little teeth into his cheek with marks to show for it. It's not just her brother who can bring it.

They're the best. 

3 years 4 months.

This kid is funny. I should totally start noting down what he says, because he comes up with some creative ways to communicate as he learns words etc. He's busy and exhausting. For the past month or so, he's been getting up by 6:30 every morning but as early as 5 sometimes. It's hard because once he's up, he is revving to roll and he wants everyone up too. Not funny. 

If people are around, he's very excited but when we are at home on our own, he can be very engaged in a calmer way. He really likes "working" and being given real work kinds of tasks. I went to his pre-school and hung out for a while during their Halloween festival. He's one of the youngest in his class (and smallest) but he gets right in and listens. His teacher (and everyone at the school) is great and it was cool seeing his independence. He also just doesn't get it quite yet--like when the bigger kids boss him around. He just does his own thing. 

Currently, he's been into fire engines. One visited his school and I think they talked about them all month. He still likes to munch on apples. He confuses Green and Red but knows his colors otherwise. We play hide n' seek in our house and he does some sweet counting. 1-10 is pretty clear but from there it is a random assortment of teens or just seventeen many times. He always hides but jumps out to show himself before you find him and then expects you to hide in that same spot. But he loves it. He compulsively pushes his sister but then yells out, "I pushed Rocky!"He is good at giving her hug and kiss and saying "saw wee Rocky".

Mike reads to him every night from a chapter book. He doesn't catch much, if anything but Mike loves it and we think Lars likes it too--most of the time. They've read, "The Hobbit", "Stardust" and are now starting the first Percy Jackson book. 

I will try and get Halloween pictures up here this week.