Hello NYC! We've been with Nate and McKay the past few days before we begin our trip to Texas. Today we went into the city. First we hit SoHo, McKay's old work neck of the wood and then up to Times Square. Today was Memorial Day so there were lots o' people to watch. Great day.


Time Square Fun

We went up to Times Square for a little wandering about. Here we are in the Toys 'R' Store and Yes, they have a gigantor dinosaur that moves around and roars a whole lot.

He wouldn't take his eyes of the ole dino...other kids were freaking out, but not my nephew. Oh No!

Yeah so there was this street carnival and here was the "Shoot the Freak" booth. Notice the look I am getting from "the freak". Hey yous, Bedda watch out. Come shoot da freak. It was quite the show.

Ahhh. Nice photo of Nate and Max...notice the Max Stare number 1.

stare 2

stare 3

This fine sculpture is right around the SoHo corner where McKay used to work...many boobs, many bums, and many heads (but we didn't notice those until last)

We wandered around SoHo for awhile and then went to a playground for Max and in case you forgot what to do at a playground.....you PLAY!

Max is cool. He loves being outside. He runs/skips/hops everywhere. I will leave it at that becuase I can't express how cool he is on this thing.

Mike, McKay, and Max walking in the park

The Triboro bridge. The bridges in NYC are cool.

This is the Triboro bridge that gets us to Queens. McKay takes Max to a park that lies right under this bridge. Manhattan is just over the river there to the left.

Max has an amazing lower pout lip. Mike was trying to emulate but forgot to add the furrowed brow. It makes quite the face.

A couple hours into our drive to NYC we met up with our friend big dark cloud. It just got darker and darker until well...

This is what came. Lots and Lots and lots of water out of the sky. Its been awhile since I've seen this much rain...well I guess it had nothing on Typhoons in Taiwan but I generally wasn't out on a major interstate during those.

Mike had to stay close to the wheel so he could see through the wondow...it was insane rain.

Finally we broke through to the other side. That was absolutely insane rain. That's Nate infront of us. Funnily enough, the weather cleared just as we made our way to the exit of the town where we lived in Connecticut. I know I know, but hey.

Goodbye Vermont! It was great to visit. Its still my favorite place to be.

Meet Max. This is Nate and McKay's. He is on the go all the time. Currently they live in NYC but are moving to Vermont. Max is going to love it...he can run around all he wants. This was before we headed down to the City with Nate and McKay.

Here is the house Nate and Mckay are in the midst of buying this house in Windsor, Vermont. They came up to Vermont to meet with Bankers and do inspections so we were able to get a look and see where they will be. It was built in 1817 and has high ceilings, beautiful wood floors, and lots of room. I am excited to have family back in Vermont...place to stay.

Here is the lake that is just beyond their back yard down a lil lane.

Street View. Theirs is the one on the right. Built in 1817. Its a beautiful. We got the grand tour.

Beautiful Vermont Lilacs. Have you ever taken a big wiff? Once you start its hard to stop. This bush is in their yard.

Here is Mike with Jim, my sister-in-law's dad. My broter, Nate, and his wife, McKay, and their son, Max, came up to Vermont and we spent time with her family.


We are in Vermont Now and have been visiting many of the people I grew up with. We even went to my high school and saw my Spanish and Physics Teacher...Mike is taking it very well. Vermont is beautiful and although there are many wonderful places in the States, this is home for me. Spring is late and not yet fully sprung but Vermont is beautiful in any season. Mike is out right now Mountain Biking the rolling hills with a friend of ours. I'm glad I've been able to take Mike around to meet some of our friends here.

We visited with some friends of mine the other afternoon. Phebe and Nika are girls that I have known since they were about 4 years old. They are beautiful, creative, and individual. They also founded a Non Profit called "Change the World Kids" and just returned from their second trip from Costa Rica where they are planting trees and protecting the endangered Bell Bird. They've already raised over 150,000 and are working on buying another parcel this summer. Pretty Amazing...go to www.changetheworldkids.com

Here I am with Nika and Phebe..15 going on 16

These are my friends Dierdre and Caleb. When I was in high school I worked at their Italian Bakery and we later traveled in Italy together. Mike and I had a great afternoon with them up in their house...very close to my old house.

This is Silver Lake in Barnard, Vermont where I grew up. Vermont is beautiful and its been a wonderful trip home.

The morning sunrise as we left Illinois...Here we come Vermont!


The last time I was here these girls were so small and now they are amazingly big and beautiful. Love em.

This is Shanny Bananny's Silly Face

This is Allie's silly face

Here we are...Mom with Alanah, Me with Shannon, and hafe with Miranda.

Yes, here we are in line for Episode III. Look at our uncontrollable excitement. Mom, Hafe (my bro-in-law), Me and Mike

These are my good friends, Jonna and Debbie. Back in the summer of 2001 and 2002 I worked with them here in Illinois. We met up for dinner the other night.


This is me and my best girl, Kasey. Beware we got bored and took many photos that I have now posted...

So now we are in Normal, Illinois visiting with my sister and her family. Today Mike and I took a side trip up to Shabbona, Illinois to see one of closest forever have had friends, Kasey. We grew up together in Vermont...doing theatre and being freaks who dressed in old clothes from gladrags fairs and found great enjoyment in picnics and being weird. Anyway she is living in Madison, Wisconsion and so we looked at the map and calculated the middle and we met up at Shabbona Lake State Park for an afternoon reunion with Kasey May.

...trying for a good picture...here we go.