Autumn is here

It has been a busy couple weeks (months...years) and there are a busy couple more. We had our first booked weekend at the Inn and it went smoothly. Phew.When I was doing some housekeeping on Saturday, I had the first sense of relief that I have had in that building and felt like it was going to be ok. I have liked seeing some of our guests post photos of the Inn and their time there. Keighty arranged some gorgeous flowers for the common spaces that she gathered from around lake Runnemede and the Inn. They are works of art and the perfect touch for the weekend. It was wonderful to see it full of people (none of which we knew) who enjoyed their experience. Double phew.

The changing foliage is looking lovely and I am very excited for Leilani & Rob's wedding this weekend and have a feeling that the colors are going to be amazing. I can't wait to see my room mates and have a mini reunion with them as well. I had a sneak peek of the dress last week and she is looks stunning. Her dress is smashing and I am excited to take heaps of pictures of the big day on Friday.

Our boy took some steps this week. If he really wants to, he'll walk or he'll just crawl really really fast. I will try and get a video of it this week or next. I have great hopes for the month of November and my ability to regain a modicum of order back into our lives at home. It has been an absolute blur of Inn work that past 6 months but I think it is almost safe to say that most of the big work is done...a girl can dream.

AND yesterday was my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. I love my dad's iridescent blue suit and mom's luscious locks--thank you 1970! My sister wrote a perfect tribute to them but I wanted to add my enthusiasm to their day (the day after their day) because it is remarkable. I can say this because I have been married for 6 and a bit years and know how much energy it can take and that's six itsy bitsy years add thirty-four more and you have my parents! They are a perfect example of love in all of it's facets. Enough said. Semper Fi. One day at a time.


1 year 2 months and a few days.

This picture is a little late and a little grumpy but I like the slight rise of his eyebrow which epitomizes the week. His croup is much better. He is still stuffy and coughing but not like the bark of seal. He's been clingy all week which was sweet sometimes but kind of exhausting. I am glad Mike and I can share our days with him. He seems to have a lot to "say" and "talks" all the time. He is crawling suuuper fast and looking like a big kid. He's wearing 12-18 month stuff on top but his 18 month bottoms won't even stay up so I need to get him so new pants as the weather cools down. Funny to watch him slip right out of his pants. I watched him take a step this morning between the chairs but crawling is much more effective still. He'll crawl up stairs no worries and just started figuring out how to crawl down. He loves playing with his cousins and just lightens up when he sees them. He's very entertaining.

I included this video we took on our last pool day of the summer when Alice was still here. Notice Mike asking me to move back further? Then when I throw him I get close and then Mike has me move back again. They both loved it.


Last days of summer.

Pretend Mike's eyes are open because otherwise great picture

We said goodbye to Alice and to summer this past week. The nights have cooled right down and I've pulled my socks on most nights (I have really cold feet, ask Mike). We took our last trip to the summer ice cream shop and enjoyed our last treats of the season before Alice headed from the Northeast to the Southwest. We've had a bit of sickness in the house possibly brought on by the changing weather but I think we are on the mend. I hope.


York Beach in Maine

These were taken at York beach in Maine last week on our little day trip with Alice. Growing up, we used to head up to York beach on Labor day weekend so it felt like a tradition continuing. And just as always, the water was freezing but it was a cooler day than usual so we didn't pull out the swim gear and just let our lil man crawl around in the sand. He seemed to have a good time.

Alice has left us for the southwest sun and we miss her heaps but I hear she already had a little Mexico adventure! Can't wait to hear.


Headlight Lighthouse in Portland, Maine.

The other day we took a drive up through the White Mountains, passed Mt. Washington to Portland, Maine. I have always wanted to stop and see this lighthouse and this time we did. The sky was stunningly blue. Stay tuned of more pictures of our boy rolling around in the sand at the beach.


groovin to the music

I know I posted a clip of him and this song already but every time we play it, he lights up and does this cool little bee-bopin' movement. He also seems to oscillate between a range of emotions. We like.



Walking by Lake Runnemede on an absolutely brilliant summer afternoon.
Pretty much perfect.