21 months (better late than never).

So this is a few weeks late but the 10th came right as we were leaving for New Zealand and I just didn't get the picture in. This one was taken while we were on a lay over in California and he was finding this dog very cool.

He had a pretty rough transition over. Within the first few days, he ran into a table and got a black eye, got a fever, and then tripped and pushed one of his little front teeth back and its a bit wonky now. It looks goofy but cute. Hopefully this week I can find some time to put up a couple more pictures of the wedding and our times here.


The first leg

After a what seemed like an endless day, he is finally asleep for the night. Except for the hour, pictured above, our boy stayed wide awake for all 9 hours of travel time today and that was after being woken up at 3AM for the ride to the airport. Yippeee! I am really glad I packed as much food as I did. I would also like to thank the flight attendant who brought the lidded cup of ice as a distraction tool at one breaking point. That kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes and then there was the 30 minutes of putting stickers all over his body. It was all good, just long and we were tired to begin with so it is nice to be in Santa Monica for the night so we can get some rest before the 13 hour flight tomorrow night. Mike and Josh are off to a movie and I am off to bed.


What sound does a train make?

We have train tracks in Windsor and hear a lot of trains. It's a small town so even though we don't live near the tracks, it kind of sounds like we do. Mike is always trying to get him to show off his train sounds but never does; it has to be spontaneous.



Tom & Mike Levesque: Plumbers in Windsor for the last forever

We got fully funded for our 250 Project which is cool and sort of unexpected. We ended up with 141 backers and just over our goal of $10,000 and are in the midst of getting print quotes for a book and brewing ideas for a cool gallery show in town in July. I got some shots this week but I am going to have to do the majority of mine when I get back from New Zealand in May. I am starting to work on the book layout though which is something I have always wanted to do.

The Inn has been continuing to grow with events and guests. Mom and Dad were in New Mexico for a month but are back now so I really hope it starts to warm up more because it was 90 and sunny down there and the snow is just barely gone here.

It's been maple sugaring season the last few weeks here. I went to a local sugar house to take some pictures of the family that operates it. There are some more pictures on the Inn blog. I watched them gather the sap, boil it down, and went home with a quart of fresh, warm maple syrup. I forgot how good it is. If you are looking for the real deal, you can order from their etsy store here.

So we head out of here in a few more days. It has been usually busy plus tax season so Mike has had a lot of extra work. Of course, I am trying to think of ways to take as little as possible and only check one bag. We'll see how that goes but we are very excited to see all the family and have real fish n' chips!

I wanted to share the sweetest video of our little man rocking out but the file is too big and it is late and I should not even be up anymore. But this was one of the parts of March. The Birthday cake McKay made for me. I've had a red velvet cake the last several years and she made a rainbow red velvet cake. It was pretty cool.