Last weekend we decided to go up to Wellington with Dean and Carly. Carly is Mike's cousin and Dean is her husband. Carly's brother, Pita, and his wife, Tasi, live up in Wellington and Tasi was in the midst of labour pains. Pita was in the Phillipines so we headed up to be with Tasi and it was also labour day weekend so we had 3 whole days....a-ha. Pita ended up coming home the day after we arrived and the day before his babe arrived. sSo it was a weekend of birth and well beauty...how's that for deep. Posted by Picasa

leaving Posted by Picasa

Mike and the sunset Posted by Picasa

The sunset over the sounds was a beauty. Posted by Picasa

Mike and Dean each taking their turn at the 'Titanic' thing. Posted by Picasa

First we have 'The Beehive' which is the NZ parliment building...odd shape but maybe being in a Beehive shaped building creates a more energetic and industrous work flow. Who knows? We missed the tour but got this photo. We went up to this lookout where you can see all around Wellington which is a serious of harbors, bays, and inlets. Its lovely and very much like San Fran in the way the houses are all terraced and the roads are very hilly. I loved this city. We saw the boat that 'King Kong' was filmed on as Peter Jackson's playland is over one of the bays. It has a smaller population than Christchurch but feels bigger and has a more hip/ artsy kind of feel...the capital city. Posted by Picasa

No we weren't all there for the delivery....but we showed up soon after. Pita and Carly and siblings and Mike is their cousin...just to make the connections for you. Tasi is American and I actually met her, briefly, when I was in England years back. Random but true. Posted by Picasa

Pita holding his beautiful boy, Robert. Tasi did well and Pita made it back from the Phillipines just in time to be there. Pita's mum is Maori and Tasi's dad is Samoan so everyone's first question was about the colour of skin. He is white with light brown hair right now but you never know... Posted by Picasa

Here is lil Robert, Mike and I hovering above lil Robert, lil Robert's excited but exhausted parents, and the sign telling us where lil Robert needed to go to be born. Posted by Picasa

This sign (outide the hospital) makes me miss the signage in Taiwan. This is a goody. Posted by Picasa

Trying out some of the photos features....it multi exposes your pictures for you! That's Wellington Harbour behind us.

Here you can see the South and North Islands. They are only 12 kms or something apart but the Ferry has to slow way down when it heads into the Sounds to dock in Picton. Its about a 3 or 4 hour trip depending on the Ferry. Posted by Picasa

These pix sort of amalgamates our last bit of the trip. After we got off the ferry in Picton we hunted for Fish n' Chips. As Mike and I are headed into a summer of health and exercise, Mike chose this for his last "fat meal" as he termed it. As you can well see in the above picture it looks like he is in pain as he lifts the chip to his mouth....oh its bad but oh soooo good he thinks. On the other side we see Dean who looks like he is in a moment of shear bliss as he is about to partake of his fish burger. Yeah I know Fish burger...but a bit of fresh deep fried fish in a bun with lettuce, onion, and some garlic mayo and you got it...you got it. Top that off with a fried donut and altho your heart has legitmate reason to stop on you and you wonder why you were so excited to get it but it tastes good while you are eating it. Isn't that the tragedy. So you can also see one of the Ferries headed out to Wellington. This is the one we came back on. Then there is a group photo of us all and then a picture of the sun setting on the drive down the east coast. Its about a 4 hour drive back to Christchurch. On the way we stopped to look at the stars and saw the most amazing shooting star but we decided that that was too ethereal a name because this was a full on meteor burning through the atmosphere...our reaction in real time so you know how long it was: " WHOA. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooo o o o o oooo o o o oo o geez whoaaaaaaaaaa cooooool ooo oh oh ah yep. holy long.......whoa." Okay maybe we didn't say just this but it was long and kept going. It was a great trip. Posted by Picasa


cool. New poster for the Johnny Cash movie.