New site.


Friends and Family,

This has been needing to happen for a VERY long time and thanks to my brother and sister-in-law who seem to be able to do anything, it has--a real sublime eye website that brings everything to one. You can check out photo galleries, design projects, ramblings on a blog, and more. I plan to change the pictures and update as much as I can so check back. I am new to wordpress so it is going to take me a while to get totally wrapped around it but I will be doing my design-y blogging there now, bookmark it if you want. I put up a free desktop wallpaper today as well.

Check it out and leave me a comment so I can see that it works.




1 tooth.


Birthday girl.

Yesterday we celebrated our niece's 8th birthday. She had a yummy and very cool rainbow cake made by her super talented cake making mom. We had a spread of yummy salads and rolls. She was also baptized at church and the cousin-brudders (as they call themselves) sang a song for her. She told them she would sing at theirs. She is such a cool little person and the best oldest cousin. I can't wait until she can start babysitting. I had to post some pix of me and eyeballs because we are coordinating again. Some people may not believe this, but I actually don't try to do this.


eyeballs is getting a tooth

my brother calls him eyeballs and he sure has some. he is getting his first tooth--just starting to come through and i found myself feeling like he was going to college or something but i guess in baby stages, it is a big one. he has also been snacking on toast with marmite and seems to like it--he is a little kiwi


9 month.

Our boy is 9 months today (and a happy birthday to mom as well). He has been such a busy little person this past month. His appetite is growing as is his belly. He still likes carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli-carrot mix, most fruits, and he gobbles up oatmeal cereal like crazy most mornings. He snacks on pieces of bread or little crackers and is getting pretty good at the ole hand-eye coodination but sometimes I find things down his shirt or hidden in his fist. He's getting all these little rolls that are perfect for kisses. He drools a lot.

He's got a really consistent schedule at the moment- 2 naps and sleeps pretty much 12 hours at night with one morning feed. At night, we simply take him up to his room, we turn off the light and he turns over and goes to sleep. Before we go to sleep, we usually check on him and he's been sleeping with his face down (drooling) up on his knees. Funny. Sometimes, when he wakes up he'll just hang out and babble for ages. He says "ma ma ma" a lot and seems to relate it to food (which is also me). The last few days he'll start blowing raspberries and not stop (see video). We wonder if its because we are constantly blowing raspberries on his cheeks and tummy. He's still not crawling up on his hands and knees but is very quick to get to something he wants in his army style crawl/drag. It's fun watching him remember where things are that he wants (our shoes in our closets, granted our closets have no doors). He still seems to enjoy his bath time time splash-a-thon. He is turning from his back to all fours now and doing a crawl/swim.

He seems to be content when he's walking around in the backpack so we cook with him in there, do chores, and take lots of walks. He likes being in the buggy too but I think he likes the views of the backpack and he likes bouncing in the backpack which makes for a fun walk. He's quite a little flirt and will give out smiles to most anyone. He is definitely aware of me and Mike and when we leave him but he's still not fully into stranger danger and likes to interact with new people. You know stick his fingers in their mouth and check out their eyelashes. So I will take off my glasses because those are obviously fun but then he'll take his tiny pinching fingers and go for my eyelashes.

We have his next check up in a couple weeks so we'll see how much he weighs. I have no idea about that but his hair is growing in--he has a lot that grows right down the middle of his head--he could have a sweet natural mohawk. I actually think is a real mix of both of us but certainly has my giant forehead! Mike is the sweetest and most attentive dad. He has the most adoring smiles when Mike walks in the room. All is right in the world.

Trick of the week from Chris Cammock on Vimeo.

He is really into blowing raspberries over and over and over.



I was cleaning up my hard drive and found some pix to share. Some are from Easter and some are from a few weeks back at another family dinner. There are also a couple of my niece at her dance recital of "Peter Pan" where she played a lost boy. She is a talented little dancer.


Mexican Easter

We opted for a Mexican Easter lunch this year (we had traditional Easter food a couple Sundays ago) and I think it might be a new tradition.

The crew before the egg hunt

It was a lovely day--in the mid 70s--a huge contrast to last Easter where the kids were running around all bundled up and freezing. After lunch, the kids had a brief egg hunt and we played a VERY entertaining game of catch phrase. Feces Shovel anyone or what about a peaceable agreement? Our boy seemed somewhat obsessed with stuffing the entire egg into his mouth and that kept him entertained. We were missing the other parts of our family and hope you all had a relaxing day as well. I listened to most of GC this weekend and enjoyed the arrangement of "Abide with me tis Eventide" in the last session which is a favorite anyway but I was filled and I needed to be filled.