Maybe June baby?

As of my last appointment on Tuesday, things seem to have stabilized with me. All my labs were stable, no protein in my urine, and a healthy looking baby according to the non-stress test. My midwife presented everything to the Doctor (as they are co-managing my case) and she said that they would like to induce at 37 weeks (3 weeks time) pretty much to avoid any further complications with me in those last few weeks. We are going to still take it week by week and will continue to see the midwives twice a week for check ups. I have been reading as much as I can get my hands on in terms of Preeclampsia/Labor/Induction/Etc. so we feel like we are informed at least and I think we will continue to have a better idea of where this is going.

All that said, I don't feel ready. 6 weeks is one thing but 3?---holy cow. All of a sudden, I am realizing that we haven't actually purchased anything for the baby ourselves (extremely lucky for family and hand-me-downs) but I don't even know what I am missing but I know I don't have it because I don't have much. I want to bring him into a little settled world and right now, our lives are anything by calm and settled. Although my parents and family have been super rock stars and helped me rehab a room upstairs for him and the bathroom (pictures to come within the week) since my ability to do any of this is nil.

I am having a bit of a super spaz today with the way the pregnancy has evolved these last few weeks, life in general, and its been raining for 2 days straight now.

What is something(s) you loved having (feel like you couldn't do without) for your little people or you know others liked having for their little people or yourself after the baby? Or something cool you found?


Weekend with M&M

We sliced up a watermelon and took it with us on a drive up
to the top of Mt. Ascutney. Classy shots.

The Rolling green hills of Vermont
Windsor from the top of Mt. Ascutney--it looks so tiny.

That path was actually the Old Turnpike Road through Vermont
way back in the day

Me and Mim on stroll around lake Runnemede in green
Mt. Ascutney in the distance.
M&M enjoying the view from our backyard.
Catching their train back to the city--goodbye and please come again!

It is pretty cool how the Amtrak stops right in Windsor--at the Pub. There is something almost romantic about it--old fashion. Friday night, one of my favorite gal pals came up from Brooklyn with her husband for the long weekend. It was excellent to see them and spend some time driving around the countryside and enjoying the beginning of summer before it gets really hot and humid.

Hopefully we helped give them a dose of green, quiet, and calm from their busy city lives. We certainly enjoyed it and the Raspberry Chocolate Chips pancakes at the Sugarhouse which nearly sent us into a pancake coma :) Actually I gained 5 pounds during their visit. We ate very well. I am sold on taking the train down to see them but I don't know if that is going to happen in my near future but always fun to know they are there.

Mike manned the camera (hence no shots of him) and got some goodies.

33 weeks.

So things seem to have stabilized for the time being. My last 3 appointments ( a little excessive perhaps?) have shown mostly that things aren't changing much which is great. I have had lots of quality time listening to his heartbeat on the non-stress test and the other day he was hiccuping away which was kind of funny. I think the rest and slower pace has helped all of that but I don't need to be on my left side all day, just periods of the day. The weather has been beautiful and green and we have a newly cleared out view of the pond behind our house which is lovely. I am feeling great and hoping things continue on this path and the little guy can stay in there another 4 weeks.


update from my left side.

I have officially been diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia (toxemia). I am still feeling fine but am spending some quality time on mt left side, resting, and staying hydrated. I think we are just going to be taking this one day at a time. I hope to improve at one handed typing. Any suggestions on movies or other forms of entertainment would be appreciated.


8 weeks and counting.

I am officially 32 weeks as of yesterday. A number that seems somewhat seared into my mind at this point. 8 weeks until my due date. 5 weeks until little kiwi is full term. Anything less--a wee bit early. This is how we are now thinking from the events of this past week.

We arrived home late from our weekend hoorah and got up early to get to Dartmouth for my apt. with the midwife--and appointment I had made because I was meant to leave on a plane the next day to attend one of my closest friend's wedding in Oregon and would miss my usual Wednesday appointment at our nearby hospital.

My blood pressure was high at my appointment (as it always has been thanks to some inherited family stuff) and the midwife was concerned about me taking a trip for 6 days and being across the country. I, of course, feeling fine did not see what we were worried about and was mostly concerned that I was meant to be getting on a plane in a few hours and the idea that it might not be a good idea had crept into the mix.

She ordered an ultrasound that afternoon so she could see where he was hanging out. It was so different from the first ultrasound where he was small enough that you could see him moving around. This was much more of an abstract shape/can't really see anything sort of picture. Although we did see his profile (below) and it looks just like Mike's little head and nose when he was a baby (I think) and everything measured out fine (roughly 31 weeks) except his legs which were 29 weeks. Yep, Mike's legs too :)

The placenta was normal and it all looked good which eased the Midwife's concerns that I might have Preeclampsia but she had become increasingly concerned for the trip to Oregon. Both Mike and I were still a little weary about how it still seemed like they were making a mountain out of a mole hill but wanting to be cautious nonetheless. As I felt totally fine, she opted for me to have some blood work done to check my platelettes and liver enzymes and if those all cleared then she felt ok with me going away since Alicia had already lined up one of her friends who is a nurse to be my companion while in Oregon.

Monday evening I received a call from the midwife telling me that my lab work was borderline and she once again urged me not to go to Oregon. Yep, not going. We went back to the hospital to pick up a milk jug for a 24 hour urine analysis to check for any protein in my urine--another symptom of Preeclampsia.

Collected all my urine in a gallon milk jug for 24 hours. Yeah.

Took my jug back to Dartmouth and met with my midwife again. As always, my BP was up and they hooked me up to a fetal monitor to listen to the baby's hearbeat. I also had some more blood taken and we waited for results. The baby sounded really good apparently so once again, it was me with the issue. He's fine. Oh and my urine was fine.

We left for lunch and came back for the test results at which point the midwife explained that my liver enzymes had gone up slightly and my platelettes had dropped a little. She had spoken with the high risk OBGYN and they were admitting me into the hospital.....say what! And just like that, we walked down the hallway to the Birthing Pavilion and I was told I could be staying there until the baby was born.

You see...Preeclampsia only affects pregnant woman and can only go away with the delivery of the placenta= delivery of the baby. As I was only 31 weeks, delivering the baby soon was not optimal but could be necessary depending on the severity of the situation. Dartmouth is a high risk hospital and they take this very seriously so, although it was excellent care, it was hard to take it all in and be with my midwives one moment and with the high risk doctors the next (very different modalities of care).

As I was not developing any of the other symptoms of Preeclampsia (swelling, abdomen pain, headaches, blurred vision) they were going to wait to take my blood again in the morning and Mike and I just waited out the entire day/night in the hospital= my own personal hell. I did receive a steroid shot in order to help the babys' lungs develop in case he needed to be delivered. And we waited...meeting many doctors and many nurses. I worked on some serious meditation to help my BP and feel blessed to have Mike and my brothers come over and give me a special blessing.

I had my labs taken at 5AM and was visited again by many doctors who all explained how they nothing was conclusive. Finally, the head doctor on call did come in and say that she looked at the ultrasound and that the baby looked awesome and that my labs came in and everything was normal, my BP readings had gone down so we could go home! Yes. I was drilled with all the symptoms to look out for, directions on taking another 24 Urine analysis on Sunday and to go back in for labs on Monday. We were off!

Rode to Brimfield with JD and K80. I desperately needed to get out and it was a lovely day and I enjoyed the fresh air and no, it was not nearly as crazy as our trip to Brimfield last year. Check out my free rocking chair for the little kiwi.

Keeping my feet up as much as possible thanks to the handy stool I picked up at Brimfield.

And I am really happy that I was able to watch Alicia and Tucker's ring ceremony via Skype this afternoon. I really missed everyone but was very happy to just see them.

As of right now, I have high blood pressure (and when I took it today, it was actually normal) Who knows if it goes anywhere else. Right now I feel fine, the baby is moving like nobody's business, and I feel blessed that he is still inside growing a bit more every day but prayers that he stays put are always welcome :)

So even though they didn't technically put me on bed rest or even limit my activity, I know that i I am going to keep my BP in check, I have to bring it all down. I am lucky though, because my family is watching me like a hawk which I am very grateful for, of course, even though it is very very hard for me to take it easy. I guess, it is just amazing how, in the blink of an eye, everything can change. Pregnancy is such a complicated miracle, and is no surprise that situations such as these can arise but wow--out of nowhere! Both Mike and I do feel, that were blessed with our first parental props to make it through this little rough patch.

33 weeks here we come.


Quote of the weekend.

When we were walking down the boardwalk in Atlantic City this past weekend, a family on bikes road by, and I kid you not, the little girl said this :

"Mom, when we get home can I start reading the Old Testment?"

I wasn't sure if she had been prompted or was being filmed. It was awesome.

That's all.


What a weekend.

The Boss (absolutely positively awesomely BRILLIANT)

The Bergs ( wrestle fest 2009)

The Beach and the Boardwalk (Atlantic City)

Brooklyn (met up with great friend and took a little tour around NYC)


30 weeks.

I look like I could topple over. I am amazed at how fast my general abdomen area expands. Nature is nutty. We can actually see my stomach moving a lot these days. Freaky but cool.
Mike loves the Macro lens but on this up-close note. Pregnancy has brought me a special gift: clear skin. I would break out ever so rhythmically and since I have been growing this little kiwi, Chris has been zit-free for the first time in years. That helps to off set the fact the rest of your body feels complete and totally awkward all the time--at least I also don't have zits all over my face :) Balance in all things.

Mike and I are headed to New Jersey to meet up with our pals and go see the Boss tomorrow night. We have had some great Inn days but I am excited for a little weekend break for my back.


Big Red on Runnemede.

Another lovely spring evening in Windsor. Dad's been out on Lake Runnemede trying to get his casting on. I also got some pictures of the Snapdragons they planted over at the Inn as well as some other springy shots Here. Feeeeeels good to be outside.