Our boy likes cars or "kah" sometimes "coy". I think it is appropriate seeing as how he has a car fanatic dad and grandad. One morning I found him nestled up behind the curtain perched on the edge of the couch. He was lining up his cars in a train (which is also very enthusiastic about) and played like that for what seemed to be an extraordinarily long time. My hope was that this was a new game that would be played numerous times to come--nope. Oh well, it was pretty clever while it lasted.


An afternoon at the pool.

So we just got a cool new camera for the Summer. Waterproof, shock proof, drop proof, basically kid proof. Now we can just give the kids the camera and tell them to go crazy. Here is what we got!!



And here is a little one of Lars after eating some yummy Nachos:




We officially have a two year old now. It was a pretty low-key celebration compared to the fiesta last summer. Mike and I are feeling exhausted for some reason which is why we didn't do a big hooray party like last summer but Kasey came over while she's here from Bangladesh and mom & dad too. He doesn't get it but we hung up some balloons and Mike made some killer pizzas (our new family bday tradition perhaps?) to go with some fruit salad and lemonade. Perfect summer fare. Last  night around 7PM I thought I should probably think of a couple ways to make his day special so headed down to Dollar General and got 1.Slinky (big hit for $1) 2. Red Balloons (the only balloons in the store which I thought was crazy)  3.Packet of dinosaurs 4. #2 Candle.  = $4 party fun! 

Mike gave him this big train this morning before church (the kind you put under your tree) that is probably for ages 15 and up that he likes the idea of but is kind of freaked out by when it is turned on. It was free so no biggie but he loves taking the tracks apart and strewing them all over the house/yard. He had to keep a hand on grampy while the train was going so he felt safe I guess. We took a walk after we ate way too much delicious pizza (fresh mozzerella, tom, & basil!!!). We were trying to head home but then he detoured and basically took us to the train tracks where Mike had taken him once (good memory) and we walked along them for a ways until he was filthy and exhausted. I would say it was a good day and now I have stayed up way too long working on this. Time for bed!




Like I was saying, our boy is actually saying a lot of words but I am kind of the sole translator and even then he says a bunch of stuff that I haven't quite deciphered just yet. One of those words is motorcyle or "mo-sigh-kuh". He was very pleased with himself to be perched on top of my dad's bike. I couldn't actually get him off. I thought camo tank top was fitting attired to be on a bike with his sweet farmer's tan and all. Oh, we are classy.