India Photos in no particular order

I have had this photos uploaded for weeks but needed to put them in order but it's a lot of work and I don't want to upload them again so here they are, in all of their randomness. We were in India for 6 weeks we did and saw a lot including a full on Sikh Wedding. The photos are HERE.


If you could only smell these.

Lilacs! Ahhhh divine. So so so divine.

The lake in the backyard,
our almost house in nestled up in those trees overlooking the lake,
something kind of Japanese about the lean of this tree,

this is not digitally enhanced green,

I can see Maxfield Parrish in these clouds,
end of walk.


Nepal 2007

Go Here to see the Nepal leg of the trip. We were only there 9 days? I would like to go back some day and take more pictures and do the whole 30 day hike and see more of the country. It was beautiful.


Tibet 2007 are uploaded.

If you head over HERE you can see photos from the Tibet portion of the trip. I am uploading Nepal and India now as well. This week I also got my passport renewed and it is nice to have a picture in there that looks more like how I look now and not an awkward 16 yr old. I was able to keep my old one which is a cool keepsake of my life and now I have a fresh new one (with a very cool redesign I must say) with my officially changed name and that combined with loading all the travel pix, I am seriously jonesin' for some travel but don't worry, we are buying a house, we aren't going anywhere for a while...doesn't mean I can't plan our next trip.


China 2007 has finally arrived.

It has only taken me 4 months but I am getting there. We took over 7000 photos on our trip through China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, and London so it has been daunting, thus the reason I haven't done it yet. The last time I posted trip photos of Turkey and Greece it was a 6 week trip and it felt manageable but we did and saw so much over the 3 months. So I have opted to post more pictures to a web gallery that you can visit HERE at this SmugMug which has been great. I was able to set up a nice looking gallery and you can comment and do quite a lot on there as well. If anyone wants to join, let me know I have a connection. I would also like to link to these posts from September and scroll down through October for some China posts which I was able to document some of what we experienced. There are lots of photos but you can look through them at your leisure. I posted captions on some but there are just so many. Enjoy!