these gals.

I would officially like to thank Leilani & Rob for getting married and instigating the reunion of so many of our Hawaii room mates here in Windsor. All I have to say is that it wasn't long enough. I hadn't seen Maria since I left Hawaii in 2003 and hadn't really had some down time to just hang out with them since the days at the Buddha house on the point. Not ok. Thank you to Fliss and Jess for the VERY entertaining shower the night before the wedding. I wish we could go back to the night right now or the morning together celebrating Jess' birthday by the lake. We had rejuvenating laughs and hours of reminiscing. I love all of the memories. I love these gals.


I year 3 months.

I chose this picture because this is what he does when we talk on the phone and says "Ha". He's a pretty good little mimic. I also love the way his belly is pushing out. The big news of the week is our boy is walking...sort of. I need to get a video of it. I am not encouraging it because I can see the minute he gets going for real, he is going to be faaaaasssst and all over the place. He'll be steady at it here in no time but for the time being, I am enjoying the last few days of our crawler before he fully seems like the toddler that he is. No more baby here. I mean check out that belly on the last picture?


NZ wool from head to toe.

Today we went on a little hike down the Quechee Gorge and the weather has cooled down so I got our boy dressed up in his woolies. Everything he wore today is from someone that loves him in New Zealand (liz, jonelle, vylma). Here are some cute pictures of the boy for you. It made us miss you all and excited to see you in April.