22 months - the big ride home

flight to Auckland - Waking up after good sleep on long flight to LA

Hour 3 of 10 on layover in LA

Hour 11 of the 10 waiting for red eye to Baltimore

Waiting for flight to Boston

We made it home! It was a loooong trip back and I still have lots of pictures from NZ that I need to post but I thought that I would try to get some new ones of up our boy for the family that I am sure are missing this monkey. He traveled really well but we were in transit for 30+ hours and not even an adult copes well with that. He got into wearing his own backpack but he had to hold his hands to keep it on.

12 hour flight to LA
10 hour layover in LA (we created a little play area near some windows in the food court)
4.5 hour red eye to Baltimore
1.5 hour layover
1.5 hour flight to Boston
2 hour drive to Windsor.

There was only one moment on the full red eye flight to Baltimore on the budget airline that blew hot air, with an exhausted, sweaty toddler splayed out over my legs, my pants wet with sweat because it was that HOT, and extremely grumpy flight attendants that I thought I was going to SCREAM. We laughed, it passed, and 4 days later our boy is almost on the right schedule. It's been a few crazy messed up days and nights but not bad.

We returned to gorgeous warm weather. I love this season in Vermont. The trees are green, the lilacs were still out and it all smells so fresh. There was snow on the ground when we left so this is nice. I got right to getting our little patio garden planted to get it done before it was too late and was feeling pretty good about my progress despite jetlag and then BOOM, I sprain my ankle. I was watering our plants and just turned on my foot the wrong way and now I am unable to do anything. I have had it up and iced for the last 2 days so I am hoping a couple more days of this and the swelling and bruising will be down and I can walk again. So so so terribly inconvenient.
Oh well, moving on. Maybe I can get more NZ pictures up in the next fews days.


Beautiful Day.

I told Mom I would get some new pictures up for her for Mother's Day and it is getting onto midnight here, so hopefully you can enjoy our little boy's face as you starting your day just about now. Actually, you have been probably been up for hours. I hope you have a wonderful day today Mom.

It has been a day full of yummy food and great company. Our boy is finding great ease in his toddlerhood and moving into his independence with great vigor which can be exhausting but I love everything about being his, especially when he says "hi" in his little sweet voice and leans his head in for a kiss and pats my back and grins with his little crooked front tooth.

It has been pretty overcast and rainy here but then on Thursday it was gorgeous, clear and sunny so we took a drive over the hills to Akaroa. We took turns driving with Mike in his dad's fast car along the windy roads to feel the wind rip through our air and feel the gravel jump into our seats. It was a blast. Being with Mike in that car reminds me of the first time I met Mike--literally-- so that's always exciting. We came over the summit roads as the sun was setting and drove above the cloud cover over Christchurch. It was beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day!


Wedding: party

Later in the afternoon, there was a big reception in a nearby Stake centre. Lucy and Carly were the masterminds behind the transformation of the ugly ole rec hall into a lovely banquet. The flowers on the tables were all hand dyed and made as well as those amazing chandeliers. Yep, a real labour of sisterly love right there. Well done Lucy! Ite's family came in and added all the Fijian flair to make it quite the cultural mix not just in decor but also in traditions. Mack dressed in a kilt and Ite in traditional Fijian costume for their ring ceremony performed by Tom. Ite's family put on a feast for everyone. There was no reason to leave hungry. There was some special bedding set up that of course our boy immediately jumped into first thing. Mike gave a really great best man's speech and there was lots of laughter, dancing and good times. Definitely one of the best decorated and fun weddings I've been to. Lots of memories that I am sure we will be talking about for a long time to come. This is a fun video from the festivities...