Well we are all signed and agreed. I have the keys and boxes are beginning to be shifted and shuffled. It's so difficult with our schedules and I think it might be the weekend until things settle a bit. I'll get some pix up. I like it more and more. It's small but cozy. The landlords seem nice and relaxed. I think we might be in the Cammocks one or two more nights until we can get the bed over there. I am so excited. It's been so long since we've lived in our own place. I think I posted on this excitement yesterday but it's hard to contain. I am getting ready to head off to school for the afternoon and I have a product photo shoot this evening. School keeps me mucho mucho busy and Mike is still training for his road race with his friend Mark and with his work we are on the go, yo. I'm not sure when we will get a phone but I'd sort of like to just have the internet and forgo phone... but I don't think it's fair to make people call cell phones all the time but I would LOVE to have internet. We'll see. NZ doesn't have super fast cheap internet like you can get in the states. Hmmm. Gotta go to school!


It's time

Mom and Dad just got back from a visit to Vermont where they stayed with Nate, McKay, and Max in their cool 1817 house in Windsor. Dad rented this 2006 FLHX Street Guide Harley Davidson and raced all over the state. It rained on him, hence the gear but he said he loved it. I am excited to have a visit to Vermont again one of these days. But the exciting news down under is that Mike and I have finally found an apartment and we move in tomorrow...Yipee! It's nothing special from the outside but it's cozy, has it's own fenced in garden area and it will do us fine...especially with the brown patterned 70's carpet. I can't wait to see the second hand finds I can get for this place! We really haven't had a place to ourselves since Taiwan. It's time.


It's that time of the year...

Here are the first of the Larson Grankidz costumes...The Hafen girlz...I like how they all coordinate. They had a party to go to so they got to trial their costumes. Love 'em!


Random Smattering of Pictures

Mike and I have been staying with our friends Sara and Mark. Sara has been in China so we've been here to help out with their kids where we can. They 've been letting me borrow their digital SLR so I've been snapping here and there. Some flowers from a walk in the Botanic Gardens
A nicely lit set of keys.
More cool flowers
I serpent like tree branch
Mike getting ready for a bike ride with Mark. They are training for a road race in December

Mike playing with Maya (the youngest of the girls).


Hee hee

My brother, Nate, posted this picture of his son, Max. Funniest thing I've seen in a while.


The Wanderers

Well, Mike and I are officially back together. He got back up here on Sunday and I missed him sooooo much. It is much better being together again. And we moved into our friends' house (Mark and Sara) for the next 2 weeks while Sara is in China and help take care of their 3 kids in exchange for a room and double bed...We are the great wanderers. We are not quite certain what's going on except that I am in school for the next 9 months. Mike is going for a job interview at a Camera shop tomorrow but he also is thinking of taking summer classes in Accounting...so we're just floating here a bit. It's great being back up in ChCh with family and friends to be with and help us out. So we'll hopefully be solidifying soon but we're happy and doing well. After a couple weeks here, we'll be on the look out for a place to rent. So we'll see.


Here she is

Here she is beautiful. Sydnie Arcadia Larson.


Aunt Bev was on a whirlwind tour of New Zealand but luckily I was able to meet up with her last night. She is such a cool lady. You would never know she's 78. In February she's traveling to Antarctica so she will have been on all the continents in the world! I know where I got some of my DNA (afterall, I am named after here, Christina Beverly).Mike spent the day with her and they went to Milford Sound and I met up with her after school yesterday and we went to dinner with Pete and Liz. I was glad to have some of my family get to spend some more time with them because they're so good to me. She had a captive audience as she told stories of the legislature, her days as a probation officer and her travels around the world. I also spent the night at her hotel and we stayed up giggling and chatting. Loved it. It was brief but wonderful. I'm glad to be named after such a cool lady!
Me, Aunt Bev, Liz, Pete, and Bev's friend Jo.