Arthur's Pass Day trip.

Yesterday we headed out of Christchurch towards Arthur's Pass; Mike's favorite area for tramps. I look forward to doing them all with him some day. It is such a beautiful area with moody and contrasting landscapes--but that is New Zealand for you. One minute you are in a rainforest and the next you amidst dry rocky hills and the next you are at the beach.

Kea birds and Viaduct Overlook

Arthur's Pass and Devil's Punchbowl Falls Walk

Castle Hill

Some of the differing landscapes in the 2 hour drive from
Arthur's Pass back to Christchurch

The roadtripper

New baby boy Matthews.

Well done Jonelle.


Christmas Day water fight.

It is a Cammock tradition to have a water fight on Christmas Day.

This is what our boy was doing during the fight.


Christmas Breakfast.

It has been a lovely Christmas day.
I will start with the food because it was divine.
liz knows how to make a spread.

Bagels, amazing berries, waffles, ice cream, lollies, chocolates,
cherries, bacon, fried tomatoes, cream cheese, fruit salad, fudge,
and more!

Our little All Black with his Buzzy Bee (seriously NZ stuff here!)

Pictures to come: Prezzies and Water fight!

Hamburgers and Gingerbeer Floats.

Christmas Eve in New Zealand is nearly over. It was a lovely, hot, sunny day. Lots of running around to pick up bits and bobs for tomorrow. Mike finished up work at the camera store and accomplished what he set out to do--get a nearly free new camera. I think we had to pay a couple hundred for our new beast of a camera. It is going to take a bit to get used to but here are a few pictures from this afterevening.

Our boy was present at his first Christmas Eve Hamburger and Rootbeer Float Larson tradition except we had Gingerbeer floats--couldn't secure any Rootbeer this year. Kiwi twist. He was enjoying his dinner of sweet potato while we dined on some good ole Kiwi burgers--pineapple, beet root, egg, lettuce, avocado, grilled mushrooms and onions, and tomato. Yum.

Happy Christmas to all and here's to many more pictures to come!