The Inn.

Probably my favorite change yet--Black hi-gloss fire place
in Room 6. Man, it looks amazing.

In my less active state, I have been attempting to ramp up our PR effort as we ramp up to the launch of the website of the Inn on Facebook and yes, dare I say, Twitter. If you aren't already following us on the blog, please do, as well as be our fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter--pretty please. Thank you friends.


38 and 2/7 weeks.

We just keep on going don't we? Still pregnant and still feeling fine minus all the usual pregnancy annoyances and frustations. There is no plan of induction unless it looks like my body is ready and as of Friday, it wasn't so we will just keep on going as long as I am stable and there are no symptoms of preeclampsia and the baby looks good. Now watch, I will go over!

It has been a bit of a roller coaster the last 6 weeks of this pregnancy which have been more frustrating than anything. But whose pregnancy isn't? It has been hard to have to pull out of the Inn work that I was doing everyday and watch how hard everyone else is working and not be able to get in. But, I think pulling out from all the physical labor and stress is probably exactly what I needed to stabilize. It is all good. I am also thankful for the positive thoughts and prayers of people in my life both close to me and far away. It is always comforting to not feel alone.

These last days are quite odd really. I feel like I am straddling two worlds at once--the one I have comfortably lived in my whole life (and the one with just Mike) and one that I know will be something I can't even comprehend at this point. I can't describe it. I want him here but I don't. I am excited sometimes and nervous other times about having this new little person to take care of--wow.

Onto another week.


Wiggle your Body.

And the last of the June parties (most likely).

The requested message

Turning 6 is awesome

A little brother cousin fight

M really wanted A to try the frosting.
He really looks like he wants some.

Tan Aunt Joy

The finale of M's book entitled, "Love is"
This NEEDS to be on a t-shirt.

A couple more June parties.

Princess Cake

Transformer Cake

Didn't realize the 50 cent lei would be such a hit!
Should've known.

We had to pull the slugger over to get
the dang thing open!

Bottoms Up.

Yesterday was the first summer sun/beach time we got over at Kennedy's Pond right here in Windsor. It was a lovely Vermont sunny summer pond day. The little people were pretty into it.


36 weeks 5/7 days.

After 6 weeks of sort of letting everything go, it was really nice to get a hair cut today (sorry Alene, I couldn't wait until you got here in July). I wish I had before picture because it was looking a bit wacky--I had wings. Yes, my pregnant stomach looks small--I measure small but everything looks fine. Lucky to be smaller than bigger.


Good news.

A framed Non-Stress Test of his "textbook" perfect heartbeat
We have had a lot of these and thought it would be cool
to frame one in his room.

We are making it. So all that talk of induction has been put aside for the meantime because I have no symptoms of preeclampsia at all anymore (well besides the high blood pressure which has even stabilized a bit for me). We met with one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors today all prepared to fight our way out of induction but she was awesome. I can't express how nice it was to feel like they were on our side and she explained how with this very vague and potentially harmful condition they never know who is going to turn and who isn't. In my case, I had several of the symptoms at one time and so it looked like I was going down the road of no return and they went away and she said that just "never happens". She explained that induction would just be silly this early and unless there is some evidence in the weeks to come in any of my labs, then we will just keep incubating until the kiwi is ready on his own.

So here we are at nearly 37 weeks feeling pretty good besides all the normal pregnancy funs (inability to sleep because he seems to be using my bladder as a punching bag whenever it is sleep time). Plus, I know a lot more about what is going in my body than I did six weeks ago, I can take my own blood pressure here at home, and Mike and I have been able to spend some serious QT listening to our kid excel at non-stress tests. He's a champ.



The last few days, we have received 3 parcels for the little guy.

liz sent us lovely merino wool goodies from Merino kids in New Zealand. There is nothing like merino wool form New Zealand--nothing. There's a sleep bag, gown, and wrap. They are so lovely and soft.

mim sent us a cool onesie she picked up at the Brooklyn Craft Fair.

ali sent us one wicked cloth nappy from her line "hey little" along with some sweet little pants and the funkiest pair of booties all the way from Austrailia! .You are one creative gal!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!


Squished face little kiwi.

At our ultrasound today, the tech, used the 4D wand for a moment to try and get a visual on his face but he kept putting his hand up This is the best she got. It was kind of crazy amazing actually. Hard to really see him but I think he looks pretty cute in a totally squished alien baby kind of way but he's my squished alien baby.

Oh and things are continuing to be stable with all my tests etc. He looked great according to all the ultrasound measurements and stuffs they check. I meet with one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors next Tuesday to "discuss" a plan of action. It is totally a day by day kind of thing but I am getting pretty excited to have this little kiwi ninja dude here with us--however that has to happen.


35 and 2/7 weeks.

Another successful week of incubation. Things continue to look stable besides my oft times blood pressure of a totally obese middle aged man which was the reason my midwife told me she didn't want me doing anything but resting from now on. Now that I understand the importance of the left side lying position (as to provide optimal blood flow to the baby and helps take the uterus from pressing on major arteries that run up right side) of course I am more inclined to be on my left side. Oh the things we are learning.

We have an ultrasound this week to check out his position, growth, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid. Hopefully those things are all fine and we can keep on keeping on. If not, well we will just see won't we. I guess really picking a name could be in order.

Looking out my window and seeing this really
is lovely.

a birthday.

We kicked June off with the first of the handful of birthdays that we have to celebrate this month. It was a baseball theme b-day and ended with an all cousin T- ball game coached by JD.
Many had never played so it was pretty entertaining to watch--running in circles, fights over the bat and ball, and just fun to watch all the little people scramble around. How is it already June 7th I might add?


No, I'm not bored.

I know some out there are actual Osmond Fans--I missed that boat but boy do I appreciate their attempt at "hard rock". Nothing says "rock" like the chicken dance. There are so many strange but wonderful things about this video. Priceless. This was a real hit, especially in Germany.

Just as a comparison and to understand just how crazy they were in the above video check out "Yo Yo" How can I get my brothers to do one of these. That would be so so so great.

This is dedicated to my sister who just bought a ticket to try and be here for the birth of the little kiwi. Thanks sis.


Funny Comments.

Comment #1 that made my month:

A woman stopped me at a shop and said,
"Well aren't you a sexy pregnant lady!"

Comment #2 that made my week:

An employee at my favorite grocery store said to me,
" Thank you for shopping at Market Basket Claremont, the greatest store on the planet!"

Photos taken a few weeks ago by lovely Leilani but I am now 34 weeks and 3 days.