like Rebel diamonds cut out of the Sun.

Went to see The Killers the other night at Boston College. If you have any tiny little weakness in your heart for the Ballad Building Pop/Rock Song of old--they have their fair share of climbing crescendos and not possible to stand still to rock/pop beats--some of us couldn't stand still. I just love me a good slow build and then lights flash and BOOM! Fun fun. My only complaint is that we didn't have much room to dance (which didn't really stop us). I will take what I can get (even though I look ridiculous in the videos Mike took) which re-enforces the time in London with Anna, Mim, and Kelli downstairs in the Limelight's retro room and those girls were laughing at me. I laugh too. Just trying to get dumpling to as many concerts as possible.

Not so fun fun was the bit where we told the map to take us to CommonWealth Ave (from Cambridge) and it took us to CommonWealth Ave in Newton ( a burb) and as we were meant to nearly be there (Killers on in 10 minutes) we were in total residential-ville with no tall buildings or even traffic lights in sight. Uhhhhh. oh CommonWealth Ave in Boston is different? iphone in the red, fingers a little shaky as we recalculate our destination, a bit of confusions as to which direction we are going but deep breath, disaster averted and thanks to Mck's saavy city driving skills (even in Wonky world of driving, Boston) we made it.

See funny video below. Boy, it was fun but I really had to go to the bathroom.



Shriveled Cold World--Still lovely.

Mike is the new Gospel Doctrine Teacher--he is going to be awesome.


Yep, they are groovin AND throwing shakas.

Mom, K80, and watch the events on Tuesday morning at her place. I don't think I have ever actually watched one all the way through. I love the this candid moment as they are groovin' to the music.

Like many, Mom and I spent some time deconstructing the make of Michelle Obama's outfit on Monday. A Wool Lace coat and dress custom designed for her by Cuban-American designer, Isabel Toledo. I guess she had no idea, until she saw her that day, if she would be wearing the design according to this article which also details the make of the dress.

I thought it rocked. When everyone else was bundled up in somber felted wool coats and cashmere scarves, Michelle was rocking it out in an ensemble that was lemongrass (stop) wool lace(stop) paired with Olive (stop) gloves, heels, and tinted Olive waist tie. Cool choices. Some have, in fact, metaphorized her outfit but I think she picked a color that popped on her complexion, was functional for the event, and fun. Of course, I am not against a new dawn and era either.

Is it really so? Are we harking back to the days of Jackie O with her style, sophistication, and 1st Lady trend setting? I think so. I am always up for some color, some interest, something out of right field--like Aretha Franklin's hat which was also tremendously cool.

But my spine tingling was when President Obama said
"And why a man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you today"

This IS change happening right before us and that I am excited for and am impressed by. Mom mentioned that she can remember when the movies were still segregated in her small town in AZ and here we are today with someone who would have been told that he couldn't, that he can, and he did. This is real change the many people have lived through. I love that sense of opportunity to change and grow that exists in this country--a sense of hope and energy that is still alive.


a fine balance.

This is the flight N8 used to take all the time on business from NYC. I had heard about this picture--and that water is cooooold.



Ok. so there were some pretty funny moments at the Golden Globes last night. When you live in rural Vermont, the GGs are like a long promo for movies that you never know if you are going to see.

A serious favorite was Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech. Honestly, the guy thanked Axel Rose and his Dogs. Who does that? Oh Mickey Rourke does. This link has Mickey's, Tiny Fey's and Tracey Morgans' speeches.

We had a great time munching on chips, dip, cinnamon rolls, and brownies. Thanks for the HD TV Mck-- they've never looked so good before.


Well into winter now.

We went out for our first official snowshoe of the season. We got about 8 inches of fresh powdery snow, the sky was blue and off we went. If it is going to be this cold, you gotta find some way to enjoy it.


5 years.

Looking at these pictures is hilarious. We might look younger, I might wonder why I chose that cut for my dress (still no question on the pink heels of course), or why I didn't veto Mike wearing a pale lime green shirt we got him in NZ and purple tie (but I didn't want him wearing plane ole white), but none of it mattered. We were together again after 74 long days apart and weren't going to have to be apart again in the foreseeable future.

Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, England, and the USA--together. Being setted could possibly be the hardest thing for us but we are trying our darndest--for a while at least. I could be anywhere with Mike.

I won't wax on in this public forum but I found these pix yesterday and enjoyed seeing our faces from 5 years ago and know that although we might look different now we still feel just as young, silly, in love and excited for the days ahead.

Note: Leilani took these pictures of us up at the Rockhound Park in Deming, New Mexico as the sun was setting against Las Floridas a few days before the wedding. We saw the light and rushed into our clothes, mom through my hair up and were there just in time to catch the fading light. She has always been so good at capturing people on film (yes we got married before digital was really that big). I desperately wanted her to take new pix of me and Mike when she was out but life gets busy so until her next visit we will wait. I waited 5 years to see you but let's not do that again ok?


Boston day.

Chelle, Leilani, and I took a trip to Boston (which had been trying to do for days!) the other day and enjoyed the sunshine and a cool city day.