New underwater camera and first dips in the pool

Very glamorous picture of his parents by their 2 year old

It's summer which means pool time! We weren't sure how the boy was going to be in the pool since it has been quite a while but Mike got a a new waterproof camera so he was dying to see him under the water whether he wanted to go or not...He was fine (sort of) and I think it will be a summer of underwater videos!


23 months.

This is the second to last picture I will be taking of our boy. I am just not sure how long it will still be cute to have him sit on our bed in a diaper. Mike thinks we should do it until he is 18 but I think we have given it a good run and can get ready for September when we will undertake version 2.0 with a girl. Maybe I will take an occasional one of him on the bed for kicks.

He basically talks all the time these days. I understand about 30% of the jumple of words and sounds but his vocabulary has grown a lot in the last couple weeks it seems so I am working on decoding. He seems to understand everything we say though. I do like "wsh" for "fish" and "BAH" for sheep. He is so super independent and stops us from helping do most things for him which is great but funny since he can't do most of them. We went to the pool for the first time yesterday and I think it is going to be a good summer at the pool for him. Once he warmed up to the idea, he seemed to like it. I need to get his "happy dance" on tape which he holds special for grandparents from what I can tell. He moves faaaaast and unfortunately, I am slooooowly recovering from my stupid fall so I can't keep up with him which he loves. He eats entire apples- core, seeds, stem, everything but he's not into gummy candy.


Last day in ChCh.

Glad we spent this day together. We really miss you all.