9 lbs 11 ounces and lots of smiles.

We had a check up this last week and he was 9 lbs. 11 ounces and 23 and a quarter inches long. He seems long to me and fits into 3 month clothes length wise but everything is pretty baggy on him. It isn't until I look back at pictures that I see how much he has grown. He can spend up to an hour on the floor on the little mat playing with the little dangling jingly toys that he sort of bats at with his arms. This comes in handy in the mornings when he is ready to be awake but I can't see straight. I am still getting used to how tired I am all the time.

That little hat was so big on him at 3 days and now its tight.
amazing to see them grow.


This is what happens when...

you make a full baby fly (this was not the first time)


Driving to the airport--Mexico in the background. We didn't make it over
the border on this trip.

The champion fly boy with his wings
(check out those nostrils)

Mike pretty much has him whenever he can.

Happy boys.

My little traveler boy.
No, I did not mean to coordinate our outfits.

We made it home from New Mexico and Autumn has begun--brisk evenings and mornings. It is lovely. Here we go. The little man was an amazing flyer which hopefully bodes well for our 12 hour flight to New Zealand in December. People were surprised when they looked behind them and saw a little baby because he barely even made a peep the whole 4 hour flight.

It is so nice to be back with Mike so he and his boy can spend some time together. I have already promised him that we will not go away (without him) for a very long time. That was hard but I am glad I got to spend some time with my Aunt Bev and see my sister and my other Aunts. The cross country drive was without incident and beautiful. Mom and I both love to drive so it was fun making our way across the many diverse landscapes.It was great to see Dad and spend some days with him in their lovely house in New Mexico (their dessert back garden is beautiful) but back home and it is time for me to get back to work in the Inn. I feel like the haze of new parenthood has worn off and I am fully into the swing of constant fatigue but better able to function--I even made homemade lentil soup tonight. That's right, I am getting back to life.


For Mike.

This has been the coolest development during the trip--smiles and laughs. For you Mike.

Big Red and the little man.

More reunion and the drive home.

I just cruised the town of Deming looking for an open wireless signal and found some!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Bonnie analyzing Marissa's bread on a stick--
it was quite the process, serious business apparently.

Riley giving it a go and Aunt Janet and Aunt Bonnie looking close--
Uncle Scott kinda looks smug there doesn't he?

Reunion fatigue

Saying goodbyes and about to get on the road for the last leg
to New Mexico.

The Colorado River enters into Glen Canyon

Our sweet ride

Over the shoulder in Utah

Love the arm

Dad met us on his motorcycle for Mexican and he and mom
road the last hour home together.
WE MADE IT Vermont to New Mexico '09!


No internet.

Scarry how connected you can get. We made it to New Mexico but there isn't any internet at home at the moment so I am in the public library. Although, I must admit, it feels like my Uni days in the libaray. Enjoying the heat and some real tortillas for a few days before we head home. More pix to come when we get home.


Clover and Reuniting.

After a couple relax days with family in Tooele, we headed down south, just outside Capital Reef National Park for the family reunion. First, we drove through my mom's childhood home town. I have heard so many stories but had never been there. We saw her home, her first church, her favorite tree to climb, where her school was and the mountains she loved. We had to get down to the reunion so didn't spend much time but I am glad we drove through and smelled the smells and saw the colors of her childhood.

The view behind mom's house

Her first church

Where she wants to be buried (if convenient)

The mountains where my grandpa worked as a miner

The reunion was spent eating good food, taking in the striking scenery, and catching up with family (plus one hilarious bread on a stick competition). We got back on the road early this morning to make our way home and we are nearly there. We meandered our way though some gorgeous scenery this morning but the whole trip has been lovely--so many varied and beautiful landscapes.

Backdrop for my aunt's house.

A group of us went on a hike, Cassidy's arch, in Cora Reef.

That is the arch in the background.

These are my two cousins that are closest in age to me--so
fun to catch up.

During an off road adventure--my cousin's very cool wife.

Saturday night we had a hotdog roast.

Uncle Scott judging the bread on a stick. Man, he was tough.


2,513 miles.

looking into the Wyoming prairie

Wind Farm in the distance--I love wind turbines. they are statuesque and
i like how they move kind of gracefully. yes, i did just say that.

he was about to sneeze. cute.

just sitting up in the car during a stretching break.

yummy salad mom made us for three days.
better than fast food.

sign at a Wyoming rest stop. Good to know.

We made it to Tooele to see one of the coolest people I know--Aunt Bev.You would
never know she was 80. She is so funny. I could sit and chat with her for hours
which is exactly what we did.

Swinging in Aunt Bev's backyard swing. The boy had to do this--it's what
you do when you visit Aunt Bev.

loving the warm afternoon breeze.