I don't have time to write anything, just enjoy the pix.

Making it across the room from Chris Cammock on Vimeo.

The last week he has been using his head to leverage his body in lunges across the floor but he has sort of moved out of that and is actually nearly crawling--


8 month.

He's on the move--not fully crawling but he is also quite bouncy lately and generally always moving. He can sit up fine but due to his constant movement, he doesn't stay sitting very long but he can do it. He is talking more and more, lots of "ma mas" and "ba bas" and lots of raspberries and little spitting fits. His hair is filling in all around his head and he continues to sleep pretty well but he has a little cold now so he's stuffy and the nights haven't been so smooth. Mike is amazing in the nights. Actually, this week he slept up in his own room in his crib a few nights. I had the first night of 7 straight hours of sleep in a year and a half. I actually forgot what it was like to have dreams--ones that can be quite involved and strange--deep REM sleep. He feels solid to me but I don't know how much he weighs. We have a check up in a month. He has an ability to find any little scrap of paper in any crevice--excellent little vacuum. He lights up with the sweetest smile and flirty kinda laugh whenever Mike walks in the room--my favorite.

He is such a sweet boy.

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perfectly poached eggs and crispy bacon a la Mike

making my traditional Red Velvet Cake

with my little helper

afternoon walk with my boy, it was a sunny and glorious spring day

this guy always makes my day

fancy treats at our Oscar party. we had ballots
and played Oscar Bingo.

blowing out all 29

it has been a good one. Onto 30!



Yesterday Mike and I popped down to Boston to visit some friends and pick Mom up on the way home. It is always good to see friends and we ate a whole bunch of yummy grapefruits. Mom is here for 3 weeks and that is a very good thing.


Lucky lil dual citizen.

It is official, our little guy is a dual citizen. We got his New Zealand passport in the mail today (which is very cool I might add). Not only does it have a cool design but it is super techy and has this sweet little mini picture thumb print thing as seen above. I would say that this passport would be VERY difficult to recreate. I guess there are 50 security elements to it to stop reproduction. His picture in this one is much cuter than the old man picture in his USA passport we got back in October.

The other day I was talking to N8 and I asked him (as he was getting a letter ready) if he wanted me to"pop it in the post for him" thinking nothing strange of it. He laughed and then asked if I could also pick up some "battries for the torch and put them in gay-rawge" (Batteries for the flashlight and put them in the garage). I think it is cool that our lil family has some cultural texture to it.

And what's a post without some new pix of the little dual citizen?