Old Port:Portland, Maine.

The day after Christmas Lei and I drove to up to Portland, Maine to take photos at a wedding of a friend of the family. We were able to check out the Old Port area of Portland before the wedding and were quite pleasantly surprised at what we found. Apparently, it is one of the most successfully revitalized old warehouse/port areas in the country and the the cobblestone streets are layered with chic shops (each with its own unique hanging wood sign) and an abundance of eateries: soup kitchens, lobster houses, wine bars, and we even found a creperia to catch a bite at. It was quite fun taking my new 35 mm lens for a little work out around the streets and it is certainly a place I would like to return.


The day.

The Christmas high has passed and it is back to our days as usual. Mike gave me some new lenses for our camera and I sent him on a much harder than anticipated scavenger hunt for his snow shoes (I thought Mike would need really hard clues, so the final one he had to translate from spanish). Rock Band/Guitar Hero is now sufficiently covered by the Family and pretty sure we played for 5-6 hours straight yesterday (thank you Hafens for the introduction but its just not the same without Hafe). It is a gorgeous Post-Christmas Vermont Winter day. Time to get moving or not?



We had the Larson family Christmas Eve tradition feast of Hamburgers and Rootbeer floats this evening and it was grand thanks to our family, friends, and Sikh. 15 years ago, N8's college friend (K-man, who we also met up with in India last year for "the wedding") came to spend a very memorable Christmas (as we are remembering) with us in'93 and he's back for some more but now we are married and there are more little Larsons running around. A lot can happen in 15 years.
Behold, the hamburger.
The Rootbeer Float
Mike flipping like he did in NZ but there it was an outside BBQ
Dad looking very mischievous
Oh my, so cute.
So cute.
Kind of freaky.
Yeah, pretty cute.
Yep. cute.
Checking out his new Sikh friend.
Just being so cute.
In their new little turtle pj tops. Nothing like matching pajama kids.
I can't get enough of these little cute people.
Nice color coordination without even trying. Thanks to Hobo Brig's hat.
Recreating Christmas of '93. I really need to find a picture from that because JD has grown
3 feet and I was 12.
Then we went down to the PUB and listened to Wise play and he was great.
The best (and only) remake of Viva La Vida I have heard.
Thanks Wise.
And since I never really have pictures of myself these days because I am always taking them
and my hair looks really goofy. Need to take care of that area of my head.