Long weekend ahead

Just finished up work for the week. It's a long weekend for Queen's Birthday on Monday. Just a day off work really much like the Memorial Day recently celebrated in the States. I don't think this weekend will be much more than any other but Mike will continue to work furiously away at his 3 essays and I will continue to do some marking for one of Pete's courses.

This past week we've watched

the first season of Boston Legal. Some very funny moments in that show. It's quite quirky. I had only caught snippets before but we've been laying pretty low so it's been nice to come home at night and just watch something. James Spader, William Shatner, and Candace Bergen sure can deliver a line. It helps that they have something to work with. I guess it's very Alley McBeal (rightly so since it's the same writer/creator) but it's just nice to see something with people who can act...I don't know about the guy on the left you used to be on Days of our Lives however. It's got funny little camera shots and sound bites, and I can't help myself when he says, "Denny Crane". So although it may be old news to many, it's new news to me.

This past week we've listened to
to be good tanyas. I don't know where I got this from. C'mon they have a banjo. I like their voices. mellow. folky/blue grassy I don't really know but I like it this week.

This past week we've been invited

to a wedding in India. My oldest bro, Nate, had a good friend at BYU who is a Sikh (the first non-LDS to be valedictorian of BYU infact ). He spent Christmas with my family in Vermont back in 1993. I was 12? I just remember that was the phase when I wore this yellow brimmed cap with pastel coloured buttons on it (Brig's costume from a play). Very bad phase. Anyway he brought quite an amazing feeling to our little Christmas that year and I remember him teaching me how to fold and put on his turban. It will be great to see him again and I think Mike will really enjoy talking to him. My brother thinks they could talk for 42 hours straight...I don't doubt it. Anway, Nate and McKay are going to come meet us for the festivities as well. I can't wait!

Now that I have said all that. I need to get to some marking!



I really ought to go get ready for work. I have to say that this internship/work experience has been the best work I've had. There's something to be said about doing something you enjoy with people you enjoy. That said....I hate getting up in the morning for anything but I've noticed since we've got the internet, it gives me a wee bit of an incentive to get up and going...even in the morning chill of the house. Gotta go.


Cinco Cosas

Now that I have internet, I want to be part of the crew of 5 things you didn't know about me.

1. I became quite obsessed with Tommy Lee Jones around the age of 14 and it continued for, oh I don't know, years. It has quelled somewhat but whenever I see him in anything, I become, dare I say, giddy.

2. I love eggs. Maybe it's a recent phase ( I think it began it Taiwan where they were 2 cents)but I could be quite content to have a few eggs everyday. Poached, Friend, Scrambled, Boiled, even deviled. But the best combination is with Jonelle's Tomato sauce/relish....it is killer.

3. I have a place in my heart for John Denver's Music. I don't know that I would have this place if it wasn't for my mom (she loves JD) but whatever the reason I could listen to ALL of his music and quite enjoy myself. I did this also as a young lass (while I was obesessing over Tommy Lee, yeah, that's an odd combo Tommy and John) but when I hear the music today, it transports me back to my very own country road. Thanks John.
4. I talk to myself a lot when I am by myself. Really, I do, take my word for it. I have full on conversations with myself about all sorts of things. I've done this ever since I was a little kid.

5. And for a story: One Thanksgiving while I was at BYUH my bestfriend and I decided to hike the na pali coast on Kauai. It is gorgeous. I think it's about 11 or so miles winding along these ridge lines and on about mile 3 I seriously sprained my ankle(turned out I had pulled a tendon )...but I wrapped it tight with my bandana and kept on going up and down those ridges...mostly because I didn't want to end our holiday and go back to school. When I finally took my shoe off, it became the size of a small animal in about 10 seconds and morphed into a purple and pink alien looking thing. Anyway I shoved it back in my shoe and made it out fine but it took weeks for that thing to go down. I happened to be sort of dating( I didn't really ever DATE anyone, not even Mike) this guy at the time and when I came back, he found my purple alien foot that could barely even slip on a flip-flop, very sick. Didn't help the budding relationship perhaps. I wish I had a picture. But here's the coast.

I am going to get Mike to do this later as well.

Officially Reconnected

I sit here tonight (at home) doing this and it feels good. No tutors lingering about or people looking over my shoulder. I don't have to quiet the tip tapping of my fingers on the keys because I am not really meant to be typing. This is REAL freedom! And to follow a few shots from Sunday Morning at the Gardens and a really funny one of Tom doing the "tiger".

This is Tom, our friend. He and Pete are teaming up together in a consultancy called Leadership Consulting. Last night I put together a wee brochure for Tom and one of his courses (Postitive Psychology: a science of happiness) which I am actually taking at the moment and got it printed today. It is officially my first printed job. Sure, it wasn't amazing but it felt good to see it through, have it printed, and the client be pleased. I liked the feeling. I will muse about this all more at a later date, as for now me hungry monster.


Upclose with our New Macro Lens

Mike's eye
My eye
Amazing Christchurch Sky

Upclose with the Macro Lens

Mom and Dad's desert paradise

I just love what they've done with the the backyard...Love it! Can't wait to bask in it's glory.


The time has come that I have been missing for months now....we are getting internet!!! So soon there will be more posts, more pictures, more fun times to share with the world. We got an affordable plan and decided it would be such a bonus for my work and to keep in contact with my family as we all coordinate the big move. I was so into blogging there for a while and learning all the code so I'll have to reteach myself. We've been taking lots of pictures with our new camera and lenses so I can share some of those as well.

All is well down here with us. Mike is in the thick of getting his essays written. I think he has 3 essays and 4 short answers due in the next 2.5 weeks and then another month to get his Honours thesis in. He feels like he's started much earlier than he normally does so hey, to each their own.

I am in my third week of an internship with The New Embassy (Design Company) here in Christchurch so I have been working here and not going to school. It's been fantastic. The bosses, Carl and Kara, are very chill, very funny, and very good designers. I've mostly been working on logo work but it's been better than sitting in school which was getting a bit stale. It's great to be around creative energy. Last weekend I was able to be part of their team in the 48 hr film festival. I will post a couple pictures and I think we are getting a website up that will have the film and some outtakes. There were 200 teams in all of NZ and the Christchurch heats are this weekend. Every team is given a genre and you have 48 hrs. to make a 7 minute film. Everyone has to use the character Jerry Reid (a hypochondriac), a rope, and the line 'What do you call that?". It was quite the experience. In fact, it was fantastic. I had so much fun. I didn't star in the movie, but my hand makes an appearance holding the sound boom. Our genre was "Educational" and we made a movie on Super Cabbages...I'll explain more later.

Well I have to get to work...soon there will be many pictures and more superfluous information on our lives and my thoughts.



What's the deal with my nephews and these goggles. I love it though!



Brig and Chelle's son, Anders. I think we'd be good friends.


Visiting the Hafens!

Mom and Dad drove up to Normal, Illinois to visit the Hafens and see Alanah and Shannon's dance recital. I think their new house looks awesome, the girls outfits looks cool, and mom and dad look great. I can't believe how big the girls are. I can't wait to see them all again!


MACK, this is for you

So Mack, this is for you. Since I don't have any recent photos, this is all I can do. So, this is Mack, Mike's brother who is serving a mission in Malaysia and this is to celebrate is 1 year out!
You go Mack!