6 months

Our little girl is 6 months old. She's eating solid foods and rolling around and kind of doesn't feel like a baby anymore. She still isn't quite sitting up by herself but she is counting to ten and also saying her name ;) It's funny how we compare our kids sometimes. I have lots of friends with kids similar in age and I find it really interesting how they all develop so uniquely. Her hair continues to be red (she needs something to stand out against her brothers' eyelashes for goodness sakes. A grown woman recently asked what I did to make them so long. Uhhhhh) She does this scream/squawk thing recently that I think is her actually trying to talk because she isn't crying but she is trying to get our attention. Her sleeping is getting better incrementally and last night she did go 11 until 6:30 without eating and only waking briefly.

She has nearly doubled her birth weight (just under 14 lbs.) which it sort of the standard Docs. like to see I guess and at her apt. yesterday our pediatrician said her eyes were very symmetric and moved in synch but used a long fancy word describe it which I can't remember.

Also, a note on our boy. He is awesome and basically repeats everything we say or hears. My favorites recently are "wishish" for delicious and "conqueet" for concrete. The kid loves watching documentaries on trucks and planes and trains almost more than "Shaun the sheep". My mom described him well last night when she said he was, "dynamic". I think that is a perfect way to describe our boy. Dynamic.

We are really looking forward to visits in May from grandma and Pete (that is what he calls liz & Pete--he isn't Grandad,  he is Pete. ) and Grammy--nothing better that grandparents!


Oh Hot.

We make pizzas most Saturdays and tonight Mike was putting Tabasco sauce on his. Our boy was asking over and over to try it so Mike put a tiny bit on his pizza so he could see that he didn't like it--you know let him see for himself. Well now he knows he doesn't like Tobasco sauce but we also may have ruined pizza for him.

A week in pix: 

4 nights this week our girl fell asleep on the floor while we watched TVor listened to music and seemed to sleep quite well during the night. I don't if they are connected but she's coming into her little body and has chunked up a bit. She's doing really well. We go to the libraries for a special Toddler time every week and this week they made crowns and built castles with blocks. The weather was really nice so we spent lots of time wandering around outside and pulled out the bubbles. We went to the local kid's science museum this morning and he had a blast playing with the exhibits and checking out the ants. Then we took a long walk this afternoon where I took that last shot of Mike and McKay. Then we came home and had pizza. Now I am going to bed so we can do it all again tomorrow. Oh wait, even better, it's church ;)


Happy Birthday to me

I had a great bday this year. The day before, there were no bills and 3 cards for me in the mail. That night, after Mike got home from work I headed out to a night sans kids to wander around the bustling town of West Lebanon, NH. It was actually really fun, wandering around by myself with no agenda. In the morning, Mike got up with Lars and they made some berry pancakes and I opened my cards and the parcel from New Zealand Liz sent with some of my favorite goodies ( and this sweet little knitted dress for our girl). Mike shifted his day around and came home at 10:30 for the rest of the day which was the best. He took our boy to Library time and I enjoyed a long shower and then Mike thought we could go to Target since my sis sent me a gift card and my parents sent me a little money. Yay! Hey, it's the simple things. The day was warm and perfectly spring-like. We got some lunch and wandered around Target. I got a new water bottle, a top, a wooden car toy for boy, and this dress for our girl. I loved hanging with my little family. As if that all wasn't enough, Mike booked a relaxation massage at the Inn for that night which was divine. We ended the day, getting the kids into bed and watching "Hugo" quite visually cool.

I had all the ingredients to make my traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting but was too tired to make it so did it the next day. I have almost single handedly eaten the whole thing by myself over the week. Kind of grosse but it only happens once a year. Mike filmed the cake lighting but it was kind of funny because he ducks out of singing ( he does not like singing) so it is just me singing to myself although our boy chimes in perfectly at the end. I think March 7, 2012 was the the recipe for the perfect bday.

Oh, and we can't forget this dance... Man, this makes us laugh. He is such an excited little guy.


5 months.

5 months yesterday on leap day. I don't feel like a lot has changed this month but that's just because I am with her all the time. She is very alert, responds to her name right away, has rolled over a few times on her own, has lots of smiles and giggles. She does this thing when she's on her back and lifts her legs and head off the ground like she is doing the "hundred" from Pilates. She seems strong to me but I don't know. Her sleeping at night leaves something to be desired and I am a zombie-always. Her brother  hugs and kisses her and is such a cool helper with her, surprisingly so. Remember when we were taking pictures of him on the bed? Doesn't he look huge now? He is full on toddler, this one, and has been particularly moody and frustrating to me this week. I can hear him up in his room flipping through his library books, one about tractors (he loves everything working and trucks) and one about drawing pictures with Chalk. 

We got our first real big snow of the winter today on March 1st so it's a bit anti climatic but still kind of fun. I doubt it will stay around long since it's meant to rain this weekend. We spent a couple hours wandering around in it this morning so we are all feeling exhausted now but I must forge ahead and deal with the complete mess that is my closet/nursery. I am hoping they both stay asleep long enough for me to get it done.

That's my life.