Christmas 2010 so far

Christmas Tree 2010

Taking fresh fresh cinnamon rolls to the neighbors on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve hamburger party 2010

Christmas jammies by Aunt Chelle

Lovely Christmas Eve

View of the frozen lake Christmas morning

Christmas breakfast and shot of our new stove in the corner

Stockings and Goodies set out

Thanks liz for the fun NZ goodies!

After prezzies

Loving all the packages

Beautiful books Mike gave me

Talking with the Hafens on skype

Happy Christmas everyone!

It has been a very merry Christmas season this year. We got a wood stove installed last week which meant that Mike with the help of Matt got the corner all sheet rocked and ready for the install. It was a much celebrated few days in our home since it has been torn apart for over 2 years. It is still very much under construction but looks so finished to us. We can take another 2 year break. It brings such a wonderful warmth and makes me want to actually be in the kitchen. Yesterday we made pans of cinnamon rolls and took them to some of our neighbor friends before gearing up to head to the family Hamburger & Root beer float party. We were ready for bed by 8 I think and since we didn't have much secret santa-ing to do, we relaxed at home.

This morning Mike got the fire going and we had a nice breakfast together. Luckily, liz's New Zealand package made it just in time so we have double the goodies. But we had to pack them all away in the kitchen because Lars was just going to town trying to bite into them all. We are watching the "West Wing" and having some much needed home/relax time. Now, that we have a stove on the first floor, we actually want to hang out here. It is perfect. He was showing us some sweet moves this morning to his Bollywood favorites, "Sexy lady on the floor" in his beautiful new jersey made my Grandma Lizzie in New Zealand.

Oh and for interested parties, here is our stove. It's amazing. We don't have to wear snow clothes in the kitchen anymore. I will post some before and after shots later.


We're giving away 12 free night's stay at the Inn!

To kick off the "12 nights of Christmas" we made this fun little video with the family! Even if you don't live close, you never know when you can find a cheap airfare or it could be a fun gift to someone on the east coast. We are also on facebook, and twitter. Look for more details on the Snapdragon blog. Spread the word!


1 year 5 months.

I thought this was a good representation of what our boy's up to? Everything. The days of sitting him on the bed and having him stay still are in the distance I do believe. He's walking everywhere and faaaaast so I guess it's more of a waddling run. He is talking a lot and has started to say "noy noy noy" for No. He is absolutely no longer our baby. He is his own little person and seems to listen and watch everything that's going on. It's hilarious what he mimics sometimes. He does that cool thing when he starts backing up to go down stairs about 4 feet before the stairs start. He loves us to read lots of books before bed and doesn't let us get away with just one. Thank goodness for cousins that are close so he can play around and learn how the world works. I love watching the interactions and little communications. He's a lucky little kid.

I need to go to bed but wanted to get this up before the week takes off because are kid rocks. He is absolutely the best thing. Oh and we are running a special giveaway over on the Inn blog starting tomorrow called the "12 nights of Christmas". We are giving away a free night's stay every night for 12 days. All you have to do is comment on the blog or share the link and you get entered in. Check out the blog tomorrow for the kick off post and spread the word!


for Vylma

Vylma, I know you check the site out to see new pix of our wee man and I was thinking of you yesterday when he wore one of the vests you made. I think he looks very cool. Thank you.