first scab.

Sorry for the lack of posts. We have been full out working on the Inn but I have a brief respite now to update. This was a few days after the incident where he had his first big tumble (off our bed-ouch!) The scab covered his whole nose but healed very quickly. It was hot this day and his cheeks were all rosey. He also fell asleep in his chair eating lunch in the warm air. That's the life huh?

Montreal a month ago

taking a break after crossing the border

not sure what this building was but it was very colorful

reminds me of gaudi

the cool rental bikes

the boys

the free baklava we got at the cafe

Canadian tag

this was a big important building but I have forgotten why?

not a hero movie ;)

at ikea

It was such a fun day when we went up to Montreal with Mike's dad and my mom about a month ago. I really enjoyed having a family day away from the busy busy life here. It was only about 3 hours and exciting to go to another country and actually feel the difference. Helps keep our travel bug at bay when we can run up to Montreal for the day and get a small dose.

There were all these cool rental bike stations and lots of sculptures around and we spent lots of time people watching, walking, and driving around the different areas of the city. We made our way to Ikea before we drove home. My favorite moment of the day was when Pete had our boy on his shoulders and I heard "Ouch!" and he had leaned over and bit Pete's ear with his little sharp teeth. Of course he was all smiles and giggling. Funny.


11 month.

I think this is the first month when I looked at the month picture and saw a little boy not a baby. I wanted to get this posted before I went to bed so I might write more tomorrow. He is our busy blue eyed boy. This morning he pulled himself up to our table and reached for anything and threw it on the ground. He's into everything.



Preppy boy.

I found this Lacoste/IZOD shirt in one of the many bags of hand me downs. It is serious vintage 80s goodness and paired with those $1 plaid shorts, our boy was looking ready for golf at the country club. Thanks for this picture, Rich.


Pete is here.

Pete is here for a week on his way back from a conference in Germany. We've just been doing our thing and Pete is here to hang with our little man. In the last 2 days he has been starting to pull himself up on things and today he discovered stairs and went up two. He likes walking around on your shoulders and think he looks so cute up there. He's also just started doing the little shy thing when people talk with him, he'll lean his head onto my shoulder. I love that. I will take any little quiet moments I can get. He is most content exploring and seeing new things. He seems to get bored with the same old books and toys. We are heading up to Montreal for the day tomorrow and hitting IKEA on the way back. I feel like we are going on vacation. I am very excited. Hey, we are going to a different country.