Madelene and Hiller's Wedding.

Yesterday we headed down to Boston with Mom to be at the wedding of Madelene and Hiller. It was an exciting day to see them marry (after a long journey from Uganda to New England) and spend time with some of my favorite people--and reconnect. Leilani was "the official" photographer but Mike and I took a few goodies that I posted HERE.


Eye of the Tiger.

Here is my little fuzz head niece singing "Eye of the Tiger". She is 5 and knows the words better than I do. I like her actions. I love this.


24 weeks for real.

Ok so I haven't been really precise with my dates when I post randomly but after this past week's appointment with the midwife, I am 24 weeks and spot on. I was measured, we heard the heart beat drumming away and we were on our way.

I saw this really cool layout that a father is doing of his wife's growing progress and think I would like to document something similarly just to have. So I will work on those this week if I can squeeze in time between seeing Joy and the girls, getting Alicia's wedding announcements done, and trying to get the 3rd floor of the Inn completed.

Mike has decided that we are having a little ninja. I don't know if these colors say Ninja, but for $3.99 at Old Navy, I will take em.


He likes it.


Still growing.

Many people have told me to take pictures every week and Sundays are really the only day I am not in painting overalls. Here I am at 25 weeks. Another midwife appointment this week--the first since the ultrasound. Time is moving fast.


We won't have olive skin babies with fuzzy fros--pretty sure.

Ok, the last few nights I have had great 2-nostril breathing sleep after what seems to be weeks of sick one- nostril breathing sleeps.

Last night I had this dream that I remember and has to do with TLK and he is 24 a bit weeks old so thought it was kind of cool.

I was in some kind of an "Amazing Race" sort of thing with my high school buds Kasey and Molly. We took the train down to a Bostonish sort of city and were running through a dodgy part of town to get to our end point where we needed to collect some cans in a bag at a Youth Centre to receive our next clue.

I handed in my bag and they handed me over a baby and he was tiny and dressed in a little striped onesie and was so cute. He had olive skin and this little perfectly soft fro fuzzy hair brown hair. I took him over to my friends and noticed that he had Mike's eyes exactly and AND he had olive skin--where did he get that? Then I noticed that his fingers were sort of stuck together and I thought, well he has beautiful skin, and we can get his fingers unstuck somehow. Funny me.

I wish I could draw better because this little fella was a heartbreaker and totally not a child that Mike and I could genetically produce. I am sure our little guy will be gorgeous but it was kind of cool being handed over our baby in the dream.


And I want to make these maternity outfits.


Cool new pictures.

Yesterday after church, we got 20 minutes of photo time with Mike and Leilani took some new pictures of us. There are great textures in Windsor. These were taken down by the Precision Museum. We will most definitely get her to take more with TLK this summer. I posted more of them HERE.


March 7 by Leilani.

Leilani came up for the weekend to hang out and documented my bday breakfast. I love love love her photos. Thank you K80 for my brilliant Red Velvet Birthday Cake. I think I am making a tradition of these. We are starting the TLK off right with his first birthday breakfast even if it was for me and he is only 22 weeks old. Ha.

March 7.

After breakfast and a little Inn work we took a drive to Woodstock where I found a Chesster ice cream sandwich (real Vermont custard) that I used to eat for lunch in high school quite often. Yum. Then I couldn't resist doing what I always thought was really annoying growing up --taking a picture with these kids.Then we stopped by a Cambodian restaurant that is owned by a girl I went to Elementary school and her Cambodian chef husband. We got some fresh southeast asian cuisine take out. We went home, feeling exhausted, lazed in front of our computer and watched reruns of 30 Rock and The Office. And one of the beauties of birthdays--multiple helpings of birthday cake.


12 Years ago today.

12 years ago today, I was touring with my high school theatre group and we got stuck in a snowstorm and had to the stay the night in this Red Roof Inn. When the clock struck 12--what else do you do when you turn 16 but an impromptu pyramid.

Yes I have bangs. Yes I have braces. Yes I was definitely an awkward 16.

It has been a great day. Some pictures later.


I want to go to there.

3 episodes ago on 30 Rock, as Tina Fey's character is gazing into the apartment of her dashing doctor neighbor, John Hamm, she says" I want to go to there" and the timing. as always, was spot on.

The other night she was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and explained where that line came from and it is funny all over again. So good.


Shopping at Chelle's house.

I think I have had nearly every strain of this cold that is going around. Dad's doctor told him today that if you are around kids than you can catch this thing form 4-6 times a year! Oh man.

I am really trying my hardest (difficult for me) to lay low and get better before I get way back into working at the Inn. So I have been listening to a lot of music and trying to get some design work done. The little Kiwi (TLK) has been moving a lot to the sounds. Honestly he moved more when I am listening to music than others but maybe I just notice it more then and want to pretend like he is already a rocker bubs.

Today I made the rounds (just to get out of the house) and saw Mom (who helped me put a band on a pair of $15 jeans from Walmart so they fit my protruding tum) and down to see Chelle who had 2 packed boxes full of clothes from 0-6 months. I really don't need (but who needs to buy anything right?) to buy anything but it will be fun get a few new things just for TLK

It was a fruitul outing. Maybe tomorrow I will get a picture in my magic maternity pants.


Monday--and we are off.

After weeks of lethargy an an complete inability to get out of bed in the cold mornings, we have done it. Sure it happened to be snowing with a bitter wind but we were up this Monday morning with bang and out for a short walk. Crazy? Perhaps, but we proved to ourselves that we could do it. May this be a better week than last :)

The cold was hurting our faces :)