Wyatt is teething and we heard somewhere that green onions had some antibotic in them and this could help him out. He's having a hard time getting through it. He sure smelled hot for a couple hours after. Did it work? It didn't seem like it made a difference but he was quiet while he chewed away. Food for thought.

Mike tried to get a good photo of all three of us but this was as close as it got. Wyatt, Chris, and Austyn

This is Wyatt. He turned One on June 4th. We made it home from our trip in time to celebrate the big number one.

This was my Dad's gift to Wyatt. We got home from the road trip this day so dad had gone out and done all the birthday shopping. He made it very clear that this was HIS gift to Wyatt.He mostly picked it up bu the wheel and slung it around like he was King Kong. Cool.

This lil rocker was one of Wyatt's gifts...he loved that thing and it matches Austyn's

That classic "first birthday" attack by cake look

Wyatt's cool birthday cake.