8 months.

Our girl is 8 months and has her first wee fever. She has a runny nose so it's probably a little virus. She's also has been chewing on her fingers all the time so maybe she has teeth coming. Who knows? She is getting up on all fours and doing some impressive scooting. She likes yogurt, avocado, banana, sweet potato and pears--all fresh. She much prefers it--who wouldn't? She really doesn't like bottled baby food much. I made all of Lars' food but I just can't seem to get it done this time around. I want to be better about introducing more foods to her --add it to the list of things I wish I could get done.   She has started pinching little bits of food on her own now.

She makes the funniest little grunting sounds and she waves. She's got the best giggle that is part laugh/part cry. She was sleeping really well for a while and I was feeling like a human being again but she started getting up more again. She is taking some good naps during the day though. She connects with anyone who shows her attention. She's a social little gal.


Making a sandbox

liz & Pete are gone now and waiting in the LA airport for their flight to NZ. The week went by way too fast but we packed in a lot of good times. After seeing our boy play in sandboxes, I thought it would be a really great idea to have one of our own. I looked around pinterest for ideas and found this DIY tutorial that was just what I wanted (the lid was important so it didn't turn into the neighborhood litterbox). Once the materials were collected and tools, it actually didn't take very long at all. I know there were a couple issues with the plans but it worked pretty well and Mike figured it out. I love the finished product and I loved seeing Pete, Mike, and Lars all together.


liz and pete are here!


It's been a busy few days. liz & Pete are here visiting.  Woot woot! It's really win/win for everyone. Mike and I went out for dinner and a movie (thank you Jonelle!) and we've adventured to Woodstock, the pool, and our boy has had heaps of walks which he loves. It's been great. We went down to pick them up in Boston and when I saw them coming out the doors, I pointed and our boy said, "Oh, Pete!" He was very excited and held their hands as we walked back to the car (which he rarely does with us). He has been loving it--we all have.

These are all phone pictures from the past month. We are in the midst of toilet training with Lars which is going pretty well. Our girl is sitting up and getting up on her knees and is just the coolest. She is sleeping well and eating lots and her eyes are magic.

Oh and Mike passed his citizenship test today. He has his oath ceremony in July! Watch out USA.