Weekend in Washington Mountains

Was this really a month ago now? Time.
While we were in Oregon, we took a weekend trip up to Leavenworth, WA to reunite with some of the best people I know. It was so much fun road tripping with Alicia, Tucker, Mike and our the little boys. The first of what should be many many road trips together. I feel lucky to have been able to see these lovely ladies twice in just two months when it had been so many years since our last time together. It really is fun reliving the memories and years we spent together in Hawaii.

We met up at Kathy & Gale's lovely home on the banks of the Icicle river. I think that sounds almost enchanting. Kathy. Boy, have I missed her. She wasn't just a professor but a dear friend during my university days and I enjoyed moments of laughing with her like we did in her office so many years ago but this time with my little boy pulling everything out of her kitchen cupboards. We spent time walking and talking and eating. The best kind of time you can spend.

After leaving Leavenworth, we spent the late afternoon at Pike's Market in Seattle and perhaps ate a little too much cheesecake and stalked a guy selling apples. Maria any status update here.

Let's do this again next year, ok?


1 year 4 months.

Our walking, talking toddler is 16 months now. He walks all the time but is still working on his balance which occasionally leads him to toddle into walls, chairs, etc. He's robust but always has bruises on his forehead. He's been getting 2 molars this week so both my boys have sore mouths. He has been saying "apple" a lot which we think refers to any food and is pretty cute when he says "dad du" (thank you) when he gives and receives. He has a bit of an issue with big dogs and it is painfully cute watching him breath heavily and wave his hands around in fear. He warms up to them eventually (sort of). He still lights (or relaxes when upset) up and really gets into it when we turn music on or even hum some of his favorite songs . He waves his hands around like he is conducting and claps at the end. I wish either Mike or I were more musical but he seems to have caught right onto the rhythm that can be found. He tries to have little conversations and points out at things and tries to tell you to do something and makes a face like the one in the picture above with wide eyes and a funny grin. I take him down to the Inn everyday and my dad is always ready to get on the floor and play around. He has found every little fun nook at the Inn.


Sunset on the Oregon coast

We are back from Oregon now and settling back into home life. Last week, we headed over to the coast with Alicia, Tucker, Sally, and the boys while we left Mike at home recovering from his unplanned but much needed wisdom tooth extraction. It was a perfect moment in time with friends and a happy little boy.