The Big Hair Day Out

So my course finished the other day, I start full time work on Monday, and hey, its Thanksgiving weekend so it was time to do something with this hippie hair of mine. I like it long but it need a little something. So.... Posted by Picasa

TA-DA!!! I've gone red....again. I always liked it in high school and it was time for change. Posted by Picasa

natural red head huh?? with blonde streaks perfectly framing my face. I am a sucker for blond streaks like that. Mike thinks it looks like Storm from X-men. Posted by Picasa

and back Posted by Picasa

This is like a shampoo commercial moment. Posted by Picasa

Here's a classic. There was a dance that was a dress theme. Mike and Ash were going a little bit country and I guess Sash was going for Madonna and I don't know what I am...just my Taiwan wardrobe really. The dance was pretty lame but it was fun to watch Ash and Mike go all out. Posted by Picasa

Friday was Liz's Birthday so we had the family breakfast at our place for a change. Liz generally puts these things together, but we all combines the effort and I think she liked it. Posted by Picasa

This was a frame I mosaiced for Liz. Its only my third project so its not perfect but I thought I would show an example of my work since I had mentioned doing that course in mosaicing. Its actually very simple but like most things, takes patience. Posted by Picasa

This is Harriet. She is an amazing dancer and likes to give birthday dances. I put on Madonna's new song and she ran into the room and struck this position...for a good 30 seconds. It was better than most interpretative dances I've seen. Posted by Picasa

Liz's birthday breakfast feast. Lots of fruit, bagels, museli, and juices. We tried to do it Liz style. Posted by Picasa

Our commemorative Thanksgiving Feast. This is Mark and Sara Berg an American family that is here living in Christchurch and Mel Kaufana who is also from the states...they are all in our ward so we combined forces for a Thanksgiving dinner. Mark made a Teriyaki Roast Turkey that was really good and as you can see, to me the dinner complete, we had a glob of cranberry sauce. We showed Mike what Thanksgiving is all about...being so full you want to die and that is the precise reason we only do it once a year so we can do it again next. It was a fun dinner but a little late in the evening. Posted by Picasa

Mike with his Thanksgiving Feast. Notice those delectable lil rolls in the background...yeah I made those with Mom's recipe. Posted by Picasa

The Thanksgiving Kids crew. Posted by Picasa

My beautiful nieces, Shannon and Alanah. Posted by Picasa