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We took a little summer vacay and headed south to see our friends in New Jersey over the weekend.Our boy was amazing on the long car trip and was so excited as we drove by Newark airport and spotted all the planes. Apparently all he needs is a little knight's helmet. I would say that Mike had a fantastic birthday weekend and our boy was in heaven with all the new games, toys, and willing kids to play WITH him. Plus, we had babysitting and took full advantage of that. I don't have pictures of everything but besides biking, beaching, relaxing, and fridge installing we also went out for really good Italian and Thai and of course 5 Guys.  Mike was in heaven, I do believe. AND we picked up a vacuum for $49 that is awesome and now I can't stop vacuuming my life. But the topper was the amazing Kiwi cake made by our very own Cake Boss, Sara. 

It was a stellar weekend.

He loved this car.


Today Mike is 30.

 Through the past 7.5 years with Mike: I think he's the sexiest, smartest, kindest, hottest guy around ;)

1. 2003- the first day I met him in Christchurch, New Zealand. Driving his dad's car.
2. 2004- when he came over for our wedding in January to Deming, New Mexico. He was totally fascinated by American football and Shannon was totally fascinated by him.
3. 2004 after Italy we went to Thailand on our honeymoon. This resemblance is uncanny.
4. 2005- then we moved to Taiwan. I saw a lot of the back of this helmet.
5. 2006- then we moved to New Zealand. Dutifully cooking up hamburgers on Christmas Eve for his wife's family tradition.
6. 2006- sailing in Greece. The best trip ever.
7. 2007- hiking in Nepal. oh wait, this was the best trip ever.
8. 2008- a green card and we move to the USA. I love his concentration face as he learns rockband.
9. 2009- Holding his firstborn.
10. 2010- Mike is an incredibly attentive father.
11. 2011- our family of three before it becomes 4. visiting New Zealand earlier this year.


Summer, where are you going?

It can't nearly be the middle of August.  I don't want to think about what that means. We've been busy the last few weeks and taken lots of little adventures with the herd, as we fondly call them. We went to Quechee Gorge and St. Gaudens earlier in the week. Today was a perfect summer day and we headed over to Echo Lake. It wasn't too hot out but lovely and warm. The lake water was pretty cold but the kids played for hours and Mike read for hours. Pretty darn good day. I think we are all going to sleep well tonight.


Mike's biggest beard yet

Mike hasn't shaved since Mack's wedding in April. He's trimmed it to attempt to "thicken" the beard and it got pretty thick but also started to look kind of puffy and weird. He looks handsome either way but it's kind of nice to see his cheeks again.