Lost and Unplugged

Hello people.

It's been a long month with no posts. In the meantime, I have layed out a 16 page magazine, created a brochure for a hair salon, and worked on a tourism newsheet all while sorting a story for a children's book, settling into our new flat, and going up to Auckland to the most AMAZING concert, U2's Vertigo tour. It's been very busy. Mike had a 60 page assignment due for his course as well and is now getting ready for his 75 km bike race on Saturday. It's been weird not having internet. I do miss posting on my sites but we can't afford it and that's that. I use it at school when I can be sneaky and at the Cammocks but I think it's been healthy to unplug. I will get some pix up this weekend of some of what's been going on and maybe some of my work as well. We'll see.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. just doing a 2 year diploma in 9 months and have no internet at home.

Can't believe it's nearly December!