Ok so it's taken me weeks to complete the uploading of the Greece photos, but hoorah, it is now complete. I have a few from our days in Athens pre-cruise but then it's time for Turkey. I am actually sort of excited to go back and look at the adventures we had there. Greece was beautiful and the sailing trip was wonderful. I would like to say "thanks" to Benoit for being our captain, ultimate tour guide, and friend. It was an absolutely fantastic time and you made it possible for all of us. We will never forget it...I mean look at these pictures! Thanks Ben! So just keep looking and you will eventually see all 3 weeks of Greece with a few pauses in between with more recent NZ updates. Enjoy...and would you please comment! hee hee. Posted by Picasa


Mike and I spent some quality time on the boat before the others arrived. Here she be...she is called "PARIS" but when that is written in Greek it looks like...well you can see it above and we all just called it the "Naph-ee". She is a lovely 46ft. Bavarian yacht. She has 4 cabins, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area. She was very good to us although by the end of 3 weeks, I was glad to be out. Here she is (and so are we) at the Edem harbour in Athens awaiting the arrival of Ben and co. We were feeling pretty ready to head on out after our extra days in Athens. Posted by Picasa


Mike and I met Julia and Eric at the boat about 5ish and then waited for the rest of the crew to show up. Ben arrived with Ashley, Sasha, Angel (all Giles Siblings) and then Colonel (whom we called either Stay-lee or Shaggy) and Steve who served missions in NZ and know Ben from there. We headed for the traditional first meal at a taverna close to the harbour. Everyone is in this picture except Julia.

Julia shows off The Naphe ( the name of the boat) as we get ready to leave.

Some of us headed out to get groceries and then we all sat down to munch down while we waited to set sail.

The boys chillin. Posted by Picasa


We set sail after we got groceries and were all sorted with the Port Police people...gotta have the right documents. I think we were all a bit relieved to be on our way. We began to get used to the boat and the clost quarters...and also the lean that the boat would be on most of the time we were sailing. We knew our first destination for the evening was to be the tip of the mainland. I remember it being a good wind day and being at an angle for a significant portion of the sailing. The trip had begun. Posted by Picasa


After a first day of sailing...we made it to the end tip of the Greek mainland and to the Temple of Light. You can see it there in the background. Quite a backdrop for our first night on the boat. It was nice to be out of the hot Athens harbour and on our way. 3 weeks ahead of us. Posted by Picasa


Some of us got up early to go over to the island and up to the temple to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful sunrise and even though I saw a lot of ruins in Turkey, they are still so impressive. Posted by Picasa


The girls get into the dingy to go back to the Naphe.

The Naphe is right there in the middle.

Last looks at the temple
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Julia sails us...

As we headed to Kythnos, Julia was at the helm.

Here we all are...

Inti the sun Posted by Picasa


Julia sailed us into the lil Kythnos harbour...our first harbour mooring. Ashley did well. It was also our first look at the white houses and blue doors of the Greek island postcards. I loved it immediatley.

Such a clean and simple design.

After we were all set, we headed to a little market (pretty much this woman's house) and stocked up on a few things. She was quite a character. She tried to get us to buy some wine and I think she said something about "good sex"...funny what little bit of English people learn to speak with foreigners. She was very helpful and gave us lots of cheek kisses and returned to her smocking of a nightgown when we left.

I found a road that headed out of town and went for a walk inland. It was quiet and smelled like rosemary. We were going to eat in a taverna that night. So we all sussed out what looked good. Steve met a girl from Latvia who worked at one so we headed there. Posted by Picasa


Getting ready for our night out... the town was about 10 feet from the boat.

All of us except Eric...I should photo shop him in. Posted by Picasa


hee hee funny.

a view from our table

a view of the people at our table

night harbour. Posted by Picasa


We got matches and used them as chips...very resourceful. Posted by Picasa


After a good night's sleep...I think we played Texas Hold 'em for hours. We got the boat ready to go.

Eric went on a run so he got a couple shots of some of the countryside. He took the same road I had the night before but took his camera. It has a beautiful countryside... dry and deserty smelling.

There in the far distance is where the boat was moored at the little town.

We filled the water tanks and headed out. A typical morning on the boat. Posted by Picasa


All the boys tried this but here's a picture of Eric in the water. They tied bouys together and used them sort of as a surf board sort of thing. Man, they were crazy. They all realized that the boat goes faster than they thought and the water is REALLY nasty salty. Boy, was it fun to watch.

Ashley has got to be the most comfortable on a boat than any other...he's a boat monkey.

But let's not forget Capt'n Ben. Posted by Picasa


Apparently someone has to walk the plank on the Greece trip...Ash acting as Pirate and Steve as victim...

there he goes...

Mike acting as pirate (and a very good one at that) and

there goes Shag man. Posted by Picasa