Day out

The other day, on my way home from school I walked passed a salon and got my hair cut. It was about 4 inches longer and although i would like some more color, maybe when we have more money but for now i think this is part of my winter look...darker.
Very cool picture Mike took on our camera. He's getting good.

Final Portfolio in!

Yes, it is in, my final Portfolio! Now the drive is off and I don't feel very motivated but am amazed what I've learned in this course. Wow. I am also very excited to do some work, real work. And now that our tickets are booked we need to make some SERIOUS moola so if you want and graphic job done, I am the one for you!My magazine...I did a Lifestyle magazine, etre is french for 'to be', cool eh?
My fashion brochure.
My children's book
the cover...I had aspirations of something much better, but was tired and burnt out so this is what I got. It works.


Miss Miranda

And my niece Miranda in her Easter Dress...I love the lip gloss of Joy's that she put on...so cute.


"Angry Face" Max

Funny Boy. Max, my nephew age almost 4

Adios Rosie!

We just dropped Rosie off at the airport and it was great to have her down. She is so lovely and funny. Yesterday we took a drive up the Port Hills to take some pictures. I love it up there. I love getting up. ChCh is quite a flat city the occasional drive up the hills is a must. The road overlooks Banks Peninsula. We stayed in one of those little bays a few weeks ago. Just lovely. Mike was playing around with the selective colour feature on Lucy's camera (which he sold her) on that one picture with the orange hilites. Looking for a camera??? Check out the Cannon G7, it's fantastic! I am going to try and take more pix and get over to internet to post more as well. Here's hoping.
The cool girls...
View at Littleton...long exposure.



Okay so here are some new pictures. Actually today was meant to be a work day to get some school work done while Mike was at work but I left around 3PM to go to the library and the breaks stuck on or something and I flipped over the handle bars on my bike. Nothing is broken but my elbow got banged up and I have a few scrapes and bruises. Nevertheless, I am going to get nothing done today but my friends Tom and Jonelle took me in and gave me pain killers and a laptop to use...ahhh, internet. So all is well. Yesterday on our Good Friday off, we took a drive to a town called Akaroa that is nestled in a bay about an hour from ChCh. So there are some pictures of the drive and some other randoms.

A friend of the family's is renovating a house that is down in this beautiful little bay. We stopped by to take some pictures in the grounds of this estate that he's staying at. This one is funny

All the girls...
I love the way I am holding Rose's wrist...
Chris, Rosie, and Lucy
Alice and Lucy driving into Akaroa down in those bays. Isn't it beautiful!!! Love it.

More Akaroa pictures

View driving into Akaroa.
Cool little seagull.
Chris and Mike in Akaroa.
Chris in the nice sunsetting light of Akaroa.
Gorgeous clouds. Love our new camera

Smattering of Pictures

Mike, Mark, and Tom biked through this Valley. It was meant to be like 30kms but ended up
being double. I think they had quite a trip.
Tom and Mark in one of their river crossings.
A beautiful pictures of a Rose Mike took on the new camera.
Liz graduated from her counseling course the other week. She was the first in her family to graduate to this level so it was quite exciting. She also went to the States for a workshop in relationship counseling so she's feeling excited about the future. It was a beautiful day.