Tragerhose: wearing pants

We received these woolen overalls in the mail today from kiwi-grandma liz or kima. Basically anything with 2 syllables he'll say in some form so Mike came up with this. Anyway, I saw these very same tragerhose (Leilani told me that means wearing pants in German) at a boutique in Woodstock last year and thought they were pretty sweet. They are super soft. He looked so European to me, today. I guess his name is Lars. Makes me smile.



Snow suit.

We got 20+ inches of snow yesterday. We played in it a lot and tired the boy right out. A few more pictures on the Inn blog.


1 year 6 months.

Out takes:

Already 10 days into 2011. It seems like these monthly pictures come faster and faster. If he hears a hint of music, he lifts his pointer fingers and breaks it down. He has a slow dance and fast dance repertoire of moves. New words include "sh" for shoe and "buh" for book. He jabbers a lot though. He's in nursery now. Well he's been in nursery for a couple months now because I am the nursery leader and I now understand why they wait until 18 months before kids go in but the time with all the bigger kids has made him stretch to meet them and he seems so much bigger to me now. Grampy taught him to say prayers. He'll put his head down and whisper followed by "meh meh". He gets right into the thick of it with his cousins and has favorite "go to" spots at everyone's house and lots of favorite spots at ours: standing on top of the printer, sitting on the first step to eat his snacks, and peeking out the windows to watch cars go by. He wakes up ready to get going in the morning and doesn't stop until he goes to bed that night.

We went sledding the other week during Christmas break with the kids. I love how excited he sounds at the end when he comes off the sled with McKay. He's a snow kid, luckily.