Funny Comments.

Comment #1 that made my month:

A woman stopped me at a shop and said,
"Well aren't you a sexy pregnant lady!"

Comment #2 that made my week:

An employee at my favorite grocery store said to me,
" Thank you for shopping at Market Basket Claremont, the greatest store on the planet!"

Photos taken a few weeks ago by lovely Leilani but I am now 34 weeks and 3 days.


Dean and Carly said...

I know that you are probably already feeling nervous about giving birth, but I just wanted to say that having and inducement was the worse thing that ever happened to me. Good luck.

M. said...

Hey Chris! I just popped over to the blog from Carly's. Congrats!! Are you in the states now?

ps. carly that's horrible to say! lol. You are pretty stylish for a pregnant lady. When it's my turn I can only hope to be that hip.