Good news.

A framed Non-Stress Test of his "textbook" perfect heartbeat
We have had a lot of these and thought it would be cool
to frame one in his room.

We are making it. So all that talk of induction has been put aside for the meantime because I have no symptoms of preeclampsia at all anymore (well besides the high blood pressure which has even stabilized a bit for me). We met with one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors today all prepared to fight our way out of induction but she was awesome. I can't express how nice it was to feel like they were on our side and she explained how with this very vague and potentially harmful condition they never know who is going to turn and who isn't. In my case, I had several of the symptoms at one time and so it looked like I was going down the road of no return and they went away and she said that just "never happens". She explained that induction would just be silly this early and unless there is some evidence in the weeks to come in any of my labs, then we will just keep incubating until the kiwi is ready on his own.

So here we are at nearly 37 weeks feeling pretty good besides all the normal pregnancy funs (inability to sleep because he seems to be using my bladder as a punching bag whenever it is sleep time). Plus, I know a lot more about what is going in my body than I did six weeks ago, I can take my own blood pressure here at home, and Mike and I have been able to spend some serious QT listening to our kid excel at non-stress tests. He's a champ.


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